APRIL, 2017

Sitting on past emotions is no different than neglecting your daily hygiene in my honest opinion, as a nurse. Eventually your life will just become a stinking mess.

You see, far too many people go through life randomly making every excuse in the book about their emotional baggage, how they handle things, and the people they are connected with. They don’t want to appear incompetent and insecure, so they keep dealing with life on the surface, all the while allowing the emotional junk to keep piling up. The end result is a mish-mash of negative energy that grows into full rage, anger, frustration, and even a heated and uncontrollable temper tantrum outburst. You see, people are like a boiling kettle: if the lid is kept on tight, the steam will need to get out one way or another and if allowed to keep boiling at high temperatures, such as uncontrolled emotions that are not in check, the kettle will blow its lid. No different than a person will do if they have not managed themselves and allowed life to heal them, regardless of who is at fault or what the circumstances are.

Trust me when I say I get it…I mean I have a young family, my kids are six years apart so just imagine what the entertainment/life skills and parenting department looks like for myself and husband of almost twenty-two years. We have a sixteen-year-old and a busy ten-year-old, and just recently took on the role of caring for an elderly parent/grandparent in our home that was completely unplanned – yes, we were unprepared for this as well.

I must admit that I have a very satisfying, yet demanding nursing career that I have pared down to just part-time casual hours, a full-time Publishing and coaching business that provides all sorts of goodies/virtual, and live event services for my clients to step into achieving their fullest potential in life. All the while, I have no regrets whatsoever. However, I will always admit that prayer, peace, and healthy-balanced living are what makes it work. Obviously, you can see I am high-achiever and proud of it – if I can do it, I believe anyone else can, if they give themselves what is needed to stay central.

“If you can see it, you can achieve it.”

The one thing I’ve learned through all of my life is to be prepared for success – if you can see it, you can achieve it. I always teach my kids this and empower my clients with this same mindset. You see, whatever we are walking through does not have to become so overwhelming that we lose sight of what the ultimate really goal is.

If you want to be happy in life, then start thinking about how you will do that.

How does it feel? What does it look like? When will it happen?

Then there are the issues that have occurred that cannot be changed but only learned from. These are the things you need to treat with the respect it is giving you in this very moment, that which is a powerful lesson into understanding yourself, even more to step into your greatest moment ever in the future you are constantly creating, whether you have grasped that concept or not.

My professional observations have led me to believe that often times people allow themselves to just push so many valuable tools aside and neglect themselves in the whole process. They believe they are invincible, despite not even dealing with their issues as they cannot see past the wrongs or bad experiences they have walked through. They choose to stay stuck in a victim mindset that eventually becomes their full-blown reality.

My suggestion to you is to start asking yourself, “Why you don’t want to learn more about yourself?” Determine why you think you should only work with things a certain way. Question why you are so rigid with your views of life and certain people, and lastly, appreciate that you have so much potential that may be needing exactly what you are pushing away.

Participating in my “ABSOLUTELY YOU! MasterClass” will help you to reflect on the things that have slipped through your fingers. You will see your patterns of negativity emerge or where you lost that grasp of making things right in your world. You see, your life is not only about success and becoming the best at what you are pursuing, as much as it’s about truly discovering what the keys to your responses are, and why you choose to respond to life the way you do. Every act of effort required is influenced by ingrained experiences that permit us to become who we allow. We always have a choice in which direction we go, but finding the path of least resistance is the key to doing it successfully and effortlessly.

My friend, forgiving yourself and those you believed to have hurt you, will always strengthen your core emotions to create new and healthy memories, as perspectives are not really written in stone as much they are influenced by the heart.

Why not join us for our next class to learn how to become Absolutely You! Everything you ever wanted in life is connected to who you already are.

With Love,
Anita Sechesky

Founder, CEO & Publisher at LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE

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