MARCH, 2017

Have you ever stopped to listen to any of the big name Gurus on social media? They all have some kind of story and they’re not afraid to share it.

In fact, there used to be a time that we were all so self-conscious of our mistakes and mess-ups that we dared not let anyone know about it. The fear of others looking down at us and not seeing the potential value of what we had to offer was the biggest stumbling block that new Entrepreneurs struggled with.

Many of our authors at LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE have experienced similar revelations by sharing their own stories and then receiving so much more recognition or accolades for doing so. Some have even reported opportunities that were never available to them prior to becoming internationally published.


But times have since changed and entrepreneurs who share from their hearts are now embraced and supported even more by their colleagues and followers because they have stepped down a notch or two from the “no touch zone” and revealed what the crowds have always wondered about them from far, far away…Are they even real? The answer to that of course is that these business owners are indeed real and they’re genuinely speaking to the hearts of those who want to connect with them. No longer is it necessary to have such a high platform to elevate yourself in the world. You can still attract exactly who you are looking for in a client.


You see, authentic connection is the key to getting yourself in a place where you have never been before. As you allow yourself the vulnerability to be transparent, people want to be around you. They start to trust and have a strong desire to hear more of what you’re teaching. The invisible walls will get broken down and because you are so well received, you will start to feel the confidence rising up within you as unlimited opportunities to connect with more like-minded individuals continually presenting themselves because you finally wrote your book!

“… authentic connection is the key to getting yourself in a place where you have never been before.”

This is why your story matters so much and this is also why you must be brave enough and step out of the comfort zone of exclusivity. So many people are still stuck selling their story or pitching their products to groups of people who are wanting more from them. How much more are you willing to give them without breaking your budget? Isn’t it time to seriously think about where and why you only sell your story to those of your inner circle? You see, your inner circle associates don’t need to hear your story again; they’re already sold on your ideas and perspectives. That’s why they’re around you. Sorry, but I had to say it…someone had to and because I’ve already connected and worked with over 200 individuals who had their stories published internationally with my expertise, guidance, and support, I can tell you that when they wrote their stories out, they gained more clarity and their visions were greatly sharpened!


The braver you become and step outside your comfort zone, the more you will attract success into your life! Why not write your story and watch how your brand and vision explodes with even more success this year!

Contact me to discuss an opportunity to join one of our anthology book projects that are already in the works, or start your own anthology based on your personal brand or vision. This will give you a minimum writing commitment with just your contributions and the maximum benefits to promote and sell the anthology as the Visionary/Compiler. Either choice will still give you the opportunity to self-generate your own book sales.

Or, maybe you have finally come full circle to really see the value of writing your own book and sharing your wisdom with the world. From my own experience of writing my first solo book “Absolutely YOU! – Overcome False Limitations & Reach Your Full Potential” in a matter of three and one-half weeks, I can be that coach and mentor you need to give your story the energy and expertise you need to make it shine. Let’s not forget about the 200+ best-selling authors who have also worked with me to get their stories into the world.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you see the real value is within your life lessons, and by working with me to help you connect your passions, your experiences, and your personal pursuits, together we can pull it into a beautiful masterpiece of literature you would be more than proud to share with the world.

To Your Success!

Anita Sechesky

Founder, CEO & Publisher at LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE

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