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I contacted traditional publishers and looked into the pros and cons of self-publishing and honestly wasn’t overly comfortable with either of these options. I felt like a little fish in a big sea where danger lurked. Then, thanks to social media, a friend posted her picture which very proudly displayed a copy of her newly released book! I was so happy for her and congratulations were in order! She spoke of her relationship with LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE and a woman named Anita Sechesky, who she highly praised. “Please introduce me,” I asked!

From our very first phone conversation, I felt Anita was an honest, hard-working individual who was willing to assist me, an average grandma, to create “my masterpiece.” She did not require previous publication or writing experience. She was willing to review my material and help me accomplish my goal. She divulged to me that she had not yet published children’s books, but it was certainly a priority in the near future.

So there I was, wanting to publish children’s books and on the other end of the phone, a publisher wishing to expand to incorporate children’s publications! It always amazes me how life sometimes falls into place, at the right time and for the right reasons. When this happens, I trust it is simply “meant to be” and I just run with it. Within a few months, LWL KIDz was born and I’m honored to be their first children’s author!

Anita is caring, compassionate, and has a genuine love of people. Her smile brightens a room and her “Joie de vie” is infectious! Thank you, Anita, for accepting me as one of your authors! Your encouraging words aid in making us the best we can possibly be, not only as authors, but more importantly, as people.

Giannina Holloway

AUTHOR BIO: Giannina Holloway

GM Holloway is the Best-Selling author of “IF I COULD BE…FROM “A” to “Z.” She has spent her entire career in Health Care, working as an EEG Technologist with children and adults with Epilepsy. Her children are now grown and her greatest love is her two-year old grand-daughter Noelle, for whom this, her first children’s book is dedicated. GM Holloway’s love of children has spanned the globe, providing the youngsters of Gaali, Zambia the opportunity of a first time education with the building of a new school! Her fundraising dollars also installed a drip irrigation system creating a “Garden of Love” next to the school allowing these same children to be nourished daily by the plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables it produces.

Book Description: The Flame of Cascade Mountain


VIRTUAL RELEASE DATE – To be announced


Follow the journey of ten-year-old Jackson who finds himself suddenly transported back in time from his simple farm life to an unfamiliar land where little else exists. In this barren world of black and white, he is captivated by the unusual presence of a pale green egg which soon hatches. An immediate bond connects Jackson with this new baby pterodactyl whom he names Terrance. Recognizing his intense yearning to find his way home, Jackson promises to somehow unite the youngster with his mother. Alone, the two struggle to make their way across the varied landscapes of the prehistoric world and eventually encounter dinosaur friends who assist in their journey, as well as enemies who try to stop them in their tracks. Jackson and Terrance must stay strong, focused and determined if they are going to locate Cascade Mountain, where Miss Elsie anxiously awaits the arrival of her son, the new heir to the throne. Like Terrance, Jackson too longs to be reunited with his own family and the life he once knew. Would it ever be possible to leave this prehistoric world and find his way home? Their brotherly bond solidifies as their journey teaches the true value of friendship, love, trust, and the importance of helping others.



AUTHOR BIO: Raymond To

Raymond is an Ontario Certified Teacher, Author, Singer, and Song-writer. He graduated from Tyndale University in 2014 and was the inaugural winner of the 2018 “Rep Your Region” Toronto talent search held by the YMCA. Raymond is currently pursuing his 2nd studio album in Contemporary Hip-hop, Urban, and Gospel music, which he plans to release this year!

AUTHOR BIO: Michelle LeRoy

Michelle is an ACC certified “Kid’s Coaching Connection Life Coach” through International Coaching Federation, where she passionately enjoys working with highly sensitive and spiritually aware children. She is also an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Mediation Facilitator, and Holistic Practitioner trained in a vast array of complimentary therapies and modalities. Michelle is highly skilled in many areas of health and wellness. She has also been a valued member of Young Living Essential Oils as an Independent Distributor since 2012. She has successfully achieved the ranking of Gold leadership which puts her into the top 1% for anyone in the company by growing a team of over 2000 members worldwide.

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