AUGUST, 2017

It’s amazing how a few weeks of solitude can shift your inner peace to that of unknown expectations. For me, I admit I am always evolving and embracing new experiences that life brings my way. I love meeting new people and understanding their hearts and souls.

I will forever cheer the underachiever and see their greatest untapped potential within. This is the heart of the seasoned life coach, mentor, and health care provider in me. I see the whole person; not just what society may choose to see.

If you know me personally, you will understand me and know for many years that this is where my true passion for life really is and that I love to help others find theirs. One of the gifts of seeing the whole person is that you become in tune with many aspects of a person’s being. As a nurse for many years, this is a special skill we learn as we work so closely with so many personalities facing many difficult and life-altering experiences. Then as you become more trained and specialized, you learn about human relations and the psyche, personalities, behaviors and their communication style that will tell you so much more about a person. In a sense when you perceive how a person really is, often times you will be right as your intuition takes on a different level of perception. For example: are they being true to you or themselves? Do they appreciate life and what it offers? Can they be relied upon and are they the type of persons who are self-seeking as opposed to serving the greater good? This I will say; it’s not easy when you have your inner senses in tune and you go against it because you want to give people the benefit of the doubt. At the end of the day you tried and as one of my clients stated today “…this opportunity may never come again for many!”

“I see the whole person; not just what society may choose to see.”

I would like to share with you that these last few weeks of what we had as a Summer in Canada has allowed me the permission to release the attitudes and negative energies that others have placed on me. I admit I have carried a lot from this struggle within me for far too long. It’s not easy being a woman in business, much less a minority who does not subscribe to the popularity status quo in this life. As a nurse I don’t believe in buying friends or people-pleasing any longer. I have seen too many sides of people who I have allowed my heart, soul and mind to trust but they have let me down sadly with no remorse in sight. Some people we meet in life only think of themselves often times so when you do meet individuals who are generous and self-giving you are blessed! I would love to meet more of them in my life and this is why I am doing what I’m doing now.

People love to pretend. They can pretend to be dedicated to you until the next best thing comes along. Or they will take you on an emotional ride totally disregarding your feelings. They pretend to want to associate with you until they have all your secrets and then they go shopping elsewhere for a better opportunity. Loyalty is rare and far-fleeting. If they don’t like you, it will eventually come out in their actions towards you. Always observe the communication and you will see what needs to be seen if you remain true to you.

I guess what I really want to share with you is that if you need to do something that is for you, then do it! Stop worrying about what people who do not pay your bills or look out for your best interest think anymore! For me, I have come to the conclusion that the only one who is taking care of my dreams, goals and paying my bills…is me. I offer something to help others do the same when they become published. It’s up to the author to determine what their personal worth is by making the effort to sell copies of their books. After all, their family, friends and colleagues will eventually buy books at the bookstore so why not sell them the book you are published in! Makes logical sense to me.

This past Summer I went through some powerful personal shifts in the way I am seeing the future of LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE unfolding and growing. I have stated earlier this Summer that our anthology prices will be set at $650 CAD but on closer reflection of what I feel works best for all my clients, I am truly satisfied with this NEW decision to offer co-authoring packages at a reasonably reduced price of $350 CAD +tax. The NEW payment plan will now offer 4 installments of $87.50 + tax/month.

Lastly I want to share what a great confirmation it was to see that 4 of our Titles are being promoted by Walmart.com the BIGGEST retailer in the world. You can also find #PEACE – A NEW PERSPECTIVE OF HOPE, LIVING WITHOUT LIMITATIONS – VISION QUEST as well as one of our client anthologies GUIDED BY THE LIGHT – FOLLOWING YOUR ANGELIC GUIDES Compiled by Jewels Rafter available online. I look forward to seeing all of our TITLES listed soon!

What’s your anthology vision look like? Let’s talk soon!

Anita Sechesky

Founder, CEO & Publisher at LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE

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