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Speakers for Our 2016 Conference

Special Guest Co-Host

RANDALL MITCHELL has been working his entire life with teens, inspiring them to live out their dreams. He was involved in the South African Radio industry for four years as a Radio Presenter and now hosts a lifestyle/magazine show that airs on Rogers TV. His desire is to see that the development of teen character has a solid foundation and has dedicated his life to helping teens take leadership. Randall has risen above the elements and wants to share ways he has overcome them. You can find those keys in his latest book entitled “TEENERSHIP – Leadership for Teens”.

Randall is a powerhouse in the modern day self-development industry. He’s a author 7 times over, an entrepreneur, and an inspirational messenger of Hope with his daily morning Popular Live Facebook videos entitled AFFIRM IN THE SIX @6. He empowers you for the day and leaves you with an attitude that is nothing short of inspiring.

MATTHEW TAMBURELLO has been recognized for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in real estate. Following his family into the real estate industry, he was instrumental in implementing a significant portfolio in his hometown of Mississauga. He studied architecture, property management and lease options in Toronto and specializes in contract legality, fiscal analysis and negotiations. With a strong community presence, he has solidified a name within niche investment and networking groups. Matthew’s long term mission is to offer solutions to real estate matters with integrity, honesty, and due diligence while providing superior customer service.

Matthew Tamburello

Real Estate Sales Professional & Team Leader

Email: matthewteamleader@gmail.com

VERONICA HISLOP – As a Life-Relationship Coach, Veronica works with stressed, overwhelmed clients who are struggling with toxic relationships. Her presentations, workshops and coaching programs help her clients to REDISCOVER who they are, REINVEST in what is important to them, RECREATE new and different ways of interacting that honour the self and boost self-esteem. Veronica not only helps her clients to prioritize and determine their needs, but she also helps them to find their voice and stand in their own personal power.


Veronica Hislop

Co-author in “Keep Calm and Live Your Empowered Life!”

MSW, Life relationship Coach

CANDACE HAWKSHAW – Candace is the visionary for her book on stories of Love around the world that bring awareness of the Power of Love and how it can melt your hearts, dissolve fear, heal and create a life filled with joy and peace. The energy and knowledge in these stories will assist many to become closer to oneness with the Universe and Mother Earth and know Love is everywhere and how we love in different ways.

Her message is about Love and how the power of love saved her and helped Candace find her true calling in life. She was feeling stuck in the corporate world in her past career, and when she listened with her heart everything started to make sense. The pressures she was living under shifted and she was able to see clearly once again to understand where her heart was leading.

DIANA ALLI D’SOUZA – Presently Diana is the acting President of the Access Empowerment Council, among the many prestigious hats that she is wearing proudly in her retirement. She loves to be inspiring children, youth and engaging the elderly, globally. She’s focusing on Philanthropy and Humanitarianism around the Globe as she creates a wave of healing in her many actives. Diana is actively involved within our local GTA community or overseas in the most marginalized areas of India, where she dedicates six months of her life every year to teach young children English and the basic necessities of a solid education at the grade school level, thereby instilling in them the desire to continue having a discipline and passion to further their own educational skills to become valuable members of society.

Diana Alli D’Souza
O.Ont. Order of Ontario
President, Access Empowerment Council
Co-author in “#Peace – A New Perspective of Hope”

GIANNINA MARIE HOLLOWAY – What does it take to become a children’s author with LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE? A big imagination and the ability to create fictional dreams that inspire kids to learn and have fun at the same time. Giannina is the very first children’s author for LWL KIDz, and she will be sharing how stepping out of her comfort zone to become creative and write the stories for young minds, is helping her to live a life without limitations.

Giannina Holloway

Children’s Author at LWL KIDZ, a division of LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE

ROSA LOKAISINGH – the CEO/Founder of Connecting YOU, has been the epitome of what it means to connect, collaborate and build community throughout her successful career as a Recruiter, Certified Career Coach, and Business Liaison/Connector.

Rosa is an accomplished Leader, Facilitator, and Speaker, who has appeared on radio talk shows such as ‘Career Cravings’ and ‘Find your Groove’ with Bold Radio Station in the last year. Her recent special project at the Mississauga Board of Trade, Advantage Mississauga, has brought her recognition as someone who’s skilled in collaborating with Business, Academia and Community, to identify gaps and find solutions to employment.

As a seasoned professional with over 25 years’ experience within the corporate and not for profit sectors, along with her diplomas in public relations, personnel development, and business management, she has taught effective networking, communication and relationship building skills, to businesses and professionals.

TIM RAHIJA – is a spiritual entrepreneur, International Best-Selling author in “Living Without Limitations – 30 Stories to Heal Your World”, “#LOVE – A New Generation of Hope” and “#Peace – A New Perspective of Hope: A Beautiful Compilation about the Three Aspects of Peace” and will be launching his own book anthology in 2017 to help people find their true potential and live a life by design rather than by default.
Tim is also Production Manager and Life Coach with Prolympian Coaching working with individuals dealing with Post Traumatic Stress, and has prior professional experience in Law Enforcement, US Army, Human Resource Management, Information Technology , Aviation Maintenance with a major US defense contractor, and formerly with a regional airline, and is Founder of Dreamscape Innovative Technologies, with additional business ventures in other technology platforms and life coaching and personal development based on personal life-altering experiences, challenges, studies, and is associated with some of the top leaders in marketing, coaching and personal development. Tim earned a B.A. in Human Resource Management from Mid America Nazarene College in 1989 and graduated summa cum laude from DeVry University with a B.Sc. in Information Technology in 2004. Tim’s mission is using emerging technology platforms and innovation to reach out and connect with people around the world to uplift, educate, inspire, and transform lives.
Tim Rahija
Production Manager Prolympian Coaching, International Bestselling Author, Android App Developer

SUSAN MASON-APPS – M.Sc. has been on a conscious path of self-exploration and healing for over eighteen years.  Having healed a chronic illness in herself, she guides people with challenging life and/or health situations to trust that they have what it takes to heal, grow, and expand into their true self. Susan sees the obstacles in life as opportunities for growth and transformation. A scientist, healer, and teacher, Susan nurtures the vision of people living beyond illusion, where they know they are enough, so they can step into loving, accepting, and trusting themselves as the Divine Humans they truly are.


Susan Mason-Apps


Entrepreneur, Coach, Author, Speaker.

STEPHANIE ROY – is an aspiring author who graduated from Algoma University in 2011 with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in English Literature. Her goal is to understand human nature and has been trying to accomplish this endeavor by being employed in as many different occupations as possible including taxi driver, carnival worker, actress, and youth worker in high-risk areas. Stephanie currently resides in Montreal, Quebec with her dog Sadie, and is working on an autobiography about her sister who passed away from cancer, and the impact this disease leaves behind for families and loved ones.


Stephanie Roy
Author and Speaker

JASMINA CAPELLAN – is an accomplished businesswoman who is involved in various fields and diverse activities. Following her participation in various conferences, trainings, and workshops, she quickly realizes that new path is traced to her, turning her personal and professional experiences useful she becomes a Motivational speaker, life coach and mentor to many people in her network. This opportunity has allowed her to discover her life’s mission: Building people’s lives. Ms. Capellan is recognized for her enthusiasm, leadership and optimism. With her new philosophy of life, she will join you to create new thinking that will open doors to a global approach of listening, observing and concrete action.

Jasmina will be sharing with us how despite having gone through traumatic event in her youth and how she overcome the painful separation with her soul mate, today she sees life in a different positive way and with the belief that these difficulties were just preparing her to become the woman she is today. And how learning to connect with her inner self have helped her through everything in the past and on her day today.

MELISA ARCHER is the National Trainer for Tesla Wellness Energy. She is dedicated to the wellness of mind, body and soul certified in: Rejuvenation Facials, Pulsated Electro Magnetic Frequencies, BIO Frequencies, Laser, Reiki level 3, Raindrop Therapy, Vita Flex, Dolphin Neuroticism, Healing with Essential Oils, Chemistry of Essential Oils, Sound and Light therapy.

Melisa integrates her ability to see and feel energies, to better understand her client’s needs. Melisa is also eager to train generations on the upcoming movement of electric yoga.

Co-Author in “Shine Like A Diamond – Compelling Stories of Life’s Victories!”
Motivational Speaker
Founder of the”Karen Carring10 Boutique”
“Your Courage Today is Your Freedom Tomorrow”~ Karen Carrington

INGRID EXNER is a University of Waterloo graduate and double major in Social Development Studies (with diploma and practicum in social work) and Rhetoric and Professional Writing. She is a former technical writer, project manager, case manager and coordinator of volunteers. She currently facilitates a support group for other brain tumour survivors. She is a well-informed health advocate, writer, photographer and motivational speaker.

NIKKI CLARKEwent from being a college professor to launching her talk show “The Nikki Clarke Show”, in 2012. She invites people from all walks of life to share their heart stories taped in front of a live audience.


The award-winning producer and international motivational speaker launched her online TV network, www.nikkiclarkenetwork.com on May 2014. She produces online TV shows from real estate and world politics to women’s wellness.

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