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Making changes in our life is not always easy. However, I believe with my heart that you can do this! After digesting all the information in this booklet, remember that it all comes down to one thing. Taking action — one small step at a time! Discover the essential oils that you can add into your daily routine. Swap out those harsh, toxic chemical cleaners with natural plant-based solutions that are safe for everyone. Become a label reader and bring in pure and clean products for your personal care. Support and maintain healthy emotions and help release the stress from your mind and body by diffusing and topically applying essential oils regularly. Reduce dietary struggles by adding in high-quality essential-oil infused supplements. And remember to make yourself a priority by taking care of you too! In time, you will be thanking yourself for the wonderful changes you have made for you, your family, and your special child. My son Johan continues to be my daily inspiration for doing it right. When I do what is best for him, I see the direct reward through his smiles and giggles, his increased energy, and his overall health and well-being. That’s when I know that it was all worth it. Join us on our journey to help more families live to their fullest potential with these Special Needs Essentials.

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