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Have you or someone you love ever been diagnosed with a terminal illness? This book explores two very different perspectives from the viewpoint of two sisters: Josée Roy, who passed away from cancer on December 20, 2012, and her sister, Stephanie Roy, the author who was with her until the end. It is written around the actual journal of Josée on her last road trip taken with her two young children to say her final goodbyes to family and friends. This story is set across the beautiful, forgotten, and sometimes wild Canadian vistas of Northern Ontario, within the various locations of Terrace Bay, Longlac, Thunder Bay, and Sudbury where the sisters were born and raised. It shows the power of emotion, courage, and strength through the love and support of family, friends, and community.

Keep in mind, this is not your typical sad memoir with tears and regrets, but instead reveals the bond between two sisters through the story of their lives before a diagnosis changed their whole world, and how they were transformed into the strong women they became. It also reveals the pain and reality of living with cancer from Josée’s own words with its portrayal of not just the sorrow, but also the awkward, angry, and even the light-hearted moments of all those involved. This is a heartwarming yet entertaining story that will lift your spirits at a time when we all need it, no matter where you’re from. It demonstrates how life is not about the destination, but the journey – life’s final road trip.

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