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Rise Up!

Inspired Living - Volume III

Oil of Joy

Soul Sister Letters (Revised Ed)


Inspired Living - Volume II

2021 Woman of God Planner

Broken Trust: Stories of Healing

Stronger Resilience

What If God Took A Holiday?

You Have So Much Potential

Healing the Little Woman Inside

Soul Sister Letters

2020 Woman of God Planner


The Monkeys in My Dreams

Awakenings: Stories of Growth

Love 180°: Embrace Three Aspects

Wellness 180°: Body, Mind & Spirit

Vision 180°: Create, Carry & Birth

Peace 180°: The Three Perspectives

Love Your Life

Chemotherapy & Tequila

Special Needs Essentials


Inspired Living: Faith-Filled

If I Could Be From “A” to “Z”

Living Without Limitations: Courage

Living Without Limitations: More Stories


Transforming Lives

Soulful Stories of Love & Empowerment

HALO: Lighting Up Heaven

Shine Like a Diamond

#Hope: A New Way of Thinking

Guided by The Light

The Depth of Her Soul

#Peace: A New Perspective of Hope

Ruby Red Shoes

Living Without Limitations: Vision Quest

#Love: A New Generation of Hope

Living Without Limitations: 30 Stories

Living Without Limitations: 30 Mentors