December, 2017

I have a theory that the people we are connected with are secretly waiting for an EPIC moment to occur in our lives…

The interesting thing is that they don’t realize everyone has an EPIC moment or many EPIC moments and many of us have never even reached that moment as yet, regardless of all of our accomplishments in life up to this point. We reach for what we think we can handle and often times treat ourselves unfairly, not recognizing our greatest strengths or untapped potential remains hidden inside.

Don’t let the mumbling voices of others affect your greatest potential. Don’t listen to the lack of motivation or loss of support that’s lagged behind you over the last few months or even past years. Ignore the quiet criticism that’s being constantly spoken behind your back. Your focus must be laser sharp and release all that is of no significant value in your journey of priority, purpose and passion. This is your time for SUCCESS in every area of your life!

You will never move to the next level of your incredible journey if you allow people to hold you back from guilt of association. Some people are fearful you will leave them far behind, so they do not support your cause or passion, and never will no matter what. Then there are people very close to you who can never acknowledge your successes in life because they are jealous it was not theirs. Let it go! You must accept that you’ve outgrown the need to be embellished by lose lips and lack of integrity. How can you fly with Eagles when you’re still flapping with chickens? Reality does not lie. Look around and see if your circle is ambitious or laid back. This is how you will know you are going to smoothly sail into your next evolutionary growth of EPIC proportions. Do you see it as yet?

“Isn’t it time to be free of all the baggage that’s held you from stepping into your greatest potential as yet?”

So keep going and don’t look back – you have so much more to discover about yourself. Your future shines brighter with every step of confidence, moving you in a new direction. Your failures were your critical times to examine your past goals, and your successes were the moments that confirmed you can do even more, and now set new goals.

The people whom you’re connected with right now are significant for various reasons. Some are there to become a huge impact in your growth and development on your journey, regardless of what role they play. It’s up to you to determine how you will allow these people to find their place in your life and how you will permit them to continually influence you, either negatively or positively. It’s your call and always has been. Choose your energy wisely. You have always known the weight you carried needlessly. Isn’t it time to be free of all the baggage that’s held you from stepping into your greatest potential as yet? Walk into your promised land and feel the difference of becoming exactly who you know you were meant to be.

Separate your defining moments from your refining moments and you will see how much more potential you have left inside of yourself! Set this NEW YEAR up for exactly what you have been waiting for all this time. Stop waiting and start planning. It’s yours to manifest in the greatest way possible.

My poetic gift of inspiration to you…

Anita Sechesky RN, ICF-CPC, Publisher at LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE

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