Often times, we can easily cause our own setbacks in life and before you know it, we miss a golden opportunity when we should have stepped into it. Don’t become the person who regrets NOT becoming published sooner rather than later in life. Authors have so many opportunities if they are ready to show up and own their vision.

Excuses are the easiest the easiest reasons to push goals aside because little effort is required. We don’t have accountability to anyone and once that aspiration is forgotten, it becomes of lesser importance and our vision is phased out of our monetary grasp.

However, as time goes by, we may come across someone else who became published and they are so content and satisfied that they did it when the invitation, moment or opportunity presented itself to them.


GENRE: Motivational, Inspirational, Memoir-style, Positive Psychology, Health & Wellness, Faith, Educational, Self-Healing, Family Fiction. *Success stories

– Solo Author books
– Anthologies: Multi-author books
– Children’s and Young Adult books

*COMMON CONCERNS or EXCUSES for putting publication off for years and years:

— My notes are not in order and I have over 40 chapters, OR I have nothing written as yet. Where do I begin?

— How do I get started to make this real and readable? Is there a way to make it less overwhelming?

— I have an idea but my vision needs work. Can you help me to define it?

— What will my story do for others?

— Is my story powerful and of value?

— There’s so much to say…can it still be done?

— Who will buy and read my book?

— I’ve been hurt in business – some people are not who they appear to be.

— I believe in my vision and I know it needs to be heard. HELP ME PLEASE!

— I’m a quiet person who just wants to be heard but my confidence is low.

— I don’t fit in the “popular – business-focused crowd.” Can I still do this?

— How does my vision as an entrepreneur fit in the big picture?

— How long will this take? I have no experience writing.

— I can’t afford it. Do you have an installment plan?

— How can I make money from my book?

“…make the magic of becoming a published author real”

There are many questions that new authors have. Contacting LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE will help you to find the answers you’re looking for. It’s time to make the magic of becoming a published author real with the guidance and support of a professional coach, mentor and publishing service that has worked with over 400 individuals internationally from all backgrounds over the last five years.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Contact Anita Sechesky to set up your personal Discovery Call to determine if you are ready to walk through this commitment to making your dreams come true of being internationally published.

To Your Success!

Anita Sechesky

Founder, CEO & Publisher at LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE

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