I think it’s time that we all stop believing that it’s too late for us to become all that we were born to be.

Life constantly gives us choices to make and it’s up to us to walk it through not pointing fingers anymore at disappointments or even failures in life. Anything negative can become positive if the shift is focused with the right intentions.

The interesting thing is that many times we get ourselves into emotional traps that leave us feeling like we’ve completely missed the mark and that people are judging us a certain way. Then we follow the paradigm of misconstrued belief patterns with no hope in sight. Sadly, we will also attract individuals with these same false misconceptions in their own lives and our influences of negative imprinting become even stronger. 

“As we forgive, we heal”

I’ve learned that the easiest way to release ourselves is to take deliberate action steps to change our internal programming and become open to a new identity as someone with unlimited potential. As we forgive, we heal and reprocess our emotions connected to past experiences in a different light. May your light always be filled with everlasting love and may your path be pleasant along the way.

Thank you for reading my message.

I wish you Joy, Love and Peace always.

Anita Sechesky

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