I am a firm believer that there’s more than enough love is this world right now, and that it’s impossible for someone not to be affected by it in a positive way. 

Some may argue that they don’t believe it to be true because they may have experienced love going bad and leaving unpleasant emotions they’re not talking about. But I’m referring to that person who has never felt appreciated, accepted, or important enough to matter to anyone. I believe because we live in a world filled with so many beautiful souls, many who have healed from their own traumas and pain, that they dedicate their lives doing things to bring more comfort, support, and resources to those who’ve been neglected and overlooked. It can be a certain career path they have chosen to bring their energy and attention first-hand to working with those in greatest need; it could be participating in social events that support causes; it could even be volunteering or signing up as an organ donor or giving blood to the Canadian Blood Services. 

“…love never gives up on the greater good”

There is love all around us…love never gives up on the greater good. We just need to be consciously aware of how we fit in this big picture. I believe that we have an incredible social network that empowers, heals, and restores faith in humanity if we just tap into it more often.

Thank you for reading my message.

I wish you Joy, Love and Peace always.

Anita Sechesky

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