Let’s talk about that secret strength that you carry within your soul. You know the thing that inspires you to carry on when you feel like all hope is gone?

How about the courage that overtakes you in such a way that any fear trying to rear its ugly head dissipates at the sound of your command? 

Wherever you feel you gain that peace from, remember to examine the longevity and original source in your life. Some people can only find temporary solutions to get them through life’s hassles, traumas and unexpected events. Yet others discover a deeper more solid connection to a higher power like their creator, which I refer to as my Heavenly father and recognize that there is no comparison to any other. I’ve observed that the latter seem to maintain a healthier perspective in life and remain vibrant in all their ways. You can see the peace in their faces, the way they talk, walk and interact with others. This is my kind of peaceful living, finding strength despite the storms and staying grounded in my walk.

“…finding strength despite the storms and staying grounded in my walk”

When you really look at the life we have, why take crumbs when you can get the whole cake figuratively speaking …and share it genuinely and generously with everyone around you?

Peace, is not just a process of living your life beyond the circumstances you’re currently facing. It’s a lifestyle of hope and expectations. Although there are many modalities that can create an atmosphere of peace, it’s experience may be fleetingly temporary. Therefore, leaving you open and exposed to turbulent shifts in your emotions, mental processes and ultimately affecting other areas of your life.

I encourage you to seek peace in the highest, greatest form possible for yourself. You deserve it.

I wish you Joy, Love and Peace always.

Anita Sechesky

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