There is someone, somewhere who needs to know that you care about your impact and how you show up in the world

Don’t give up on yourself because there are individuals who don’t realize they need us to stay focused and positive despite what we feel at this very moment. 

They know you’ve been through some pretty intense stuff that’s why they look towards you for motivation. I’m aware that not everyone who follows or believes in us actually tell us they do, and that’s okay because they’re just not ready to share their burdens and griefs.

Maybe, they just need that inspiration that comes out of everything you do. Maybe they’re looking to find their own voice. Maybe they don’t know how strong they can be, as they’re quietly healing, nourishing their heart and soul behind the scenes so that one day they can also show up for someone who needs them.

“If your lifestyle invokes change in others, you are amazing!”

It’s a beautiful cycle – don’t worry about if someone stole your mantra, or daily habits or looks. Sadly, this thought process can easily become a negative trap of insecurity. You don’t need to listen to that little voice any longer. Let your inner child find the courage and boldness to stand up and see the leader within you.

If your lifestyle invokes change in others, you are amazing!

Organic attraction is the most authentic, and powerful energy. Many will try to duplicate, glitz it up or super-charge it but it never really does the same as that which comes from deep within the soul. Once we recognize that there is beauty in everyone, everything shifts in a much healthier and happier way in our world.

Thank you for reading my daily posts. I hope they bring inspiration and motivation into your life today.

I wish you Joy, Love and Peace always.

Anita Sechesky

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