Surrounded by a blanket of beautiful snow, I reflect on my early years growing up in Northwestern Ontario. I can’t help but think about the many days of trudging to school on those cold, blustery winter days. It often created moments of deep reflection of my experiences that day with my friends and dreading the homework that was required to be completed the next morning. 

Sometimes, just breathing in that cold, frigid air on those days was enough to carry my heavy thoughts away from the stresses of trying to fit in, lots of homework and the anticipation of many other things in my young life. I can see now how amazingly peaceful those experiences were, and despite the frigid weather I quickly became a believer in myself more and more. I honestly feel that if it wasn’t for my childhood experiences of walking home many times on my own and just releasing the frustrations of being rejected by my peers, or not being concerned about the loneliness of being around others, I probably wouldn’t have found the confidence I have in myself. I sang songs, an had a vivid imagination recalling stories I had read about. My faith at a young age kept me anchored in knowing that there was something bigger than all the people who didn’t see me as important because of the color of my skin.

I encourage you today, whatever you’re going through or facing on your own, remember you’re not alone. We might feel lonely in a room full of people or we may be experiencing rejection at this very moment by colleagues or even family, but it doesn’t mean that we’re not valued or precious. I’m well aware that I am truly blessed to have a loving family where both my parents raised my brother and I. My parents loved us and taught us very solid Christian values that many people have never learned, even though they considered themselves to be Christian. My values were based on the fact that everyone was important and should be accepted for who they are. No one is greater than another. Sadly, there are many adults today who still struggle with finding their place in the world despite having many accomplishments, statuses and friends. I pray that they will find what they’re looking for as I know this message is not for everyone.

However, it still remains to be that unconditional love, acceptance and personal values do in fact contribute to our inner core dynamics and these are things that cannot be purchased. I still believe that it’s not to late to find it for yourself and your own family today. 

“Every person must find peace within themselves by coming to a place of gratitude for the life they have”

My personal views are that every person must find peace within themselves by coming to a place of gratitude for the life they have, regardless of their background. Our very lives are a gift, as we can do what we want because we have the freedom to become exactly who we aspire to be. We can choose to consciously accept the experiences we’ve walked through by not holding onto the pain, judgment, rejection and negative energy attached to all of it. Just like a beautiful photo album we can organize our life experiences and release the negative and shift our focus as we process and accept the beauty of the image left to reflect on.

As we motivate ourselves to place these emotional memories into their rightful place in our lives today, we are creating space for more beautiful and positive experiences to be welcomed into our lives.

Take a look at nature and see how effortlessly it creates an atmosphere of peace that even on the coldest, blustery days. We can still experience cozy warmth, peace and happiness. We just need to decide where we want to be, out in the cold enjoying the fresh, crisp air as we release the tensions of life, or inside our homes, snuggling under a warm blanket sipping a cup of hot tea. Remember that our lives are always based on how we choose to perceive it. If we are connected, you are always in my prayers.

Thank you for reading my daily posts. I hope they bring inspiration and motivation into your life today.

I wish you Joy, Love and Peace always.

Anita Sechesky

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