How often do you focus on people who have hurt, offended or let you down?

Maybe they were not even aware that they hurt or took you for granted because of your loyalty and unconditional support. Is it possible that you gave them the impression that you are an overcomer and nothing could hold you back in life? Meanwhile, you lay hypothetically bleeding your deep emotions all over the place, but they were so inwardly focused on their own life, the people who like them and how much money they could make, they never noticed your pain. One of my most profound discoveries is that sadly, people will continue using you without remorse or regret until they find their next sugar mama or poppa. It doesn’t matter what background they come from – when ego is in control all hell breaks loose in these personality traits. We must always pray and send good thoughts to them so that they will stop using beautiful souls for their own selfish ambitions. That’s usually the case if you come willingly into their lives knowing that they need you, so you automatically felt loved, needed and fit in. It’s not real, just a facade that is serving one person. Ultimately if you are a person that lifts others up and is always there to catch them when they stumble, they will not recognize your personal value as something that has limits on its withdrawals. 

I used to be that kind of person who was always available at anytime of the day or night to listen, encourage and give free advice and support. I look back and clearly see the faces of people who generously helped themselves freely to my wisdom and insight, only to watch them go elsewhere after they gleaned everything they could from me. It was a violation of my divine gifting and it was offensive to my very core, but because I was emotionally invested, I could do no harm and would never call them out. It hurt and devastated me many times because my lost trust in those same people affected the way I perceived others. It used to attract more low vibration individuals who had the same intention and sly ambitions to also get as much as possible for FREE from me. It was as if, I had a sign saying “You can’t do this to so-and-so but go ahead and do that to her. It’s okay, she doesn’t understand how smart and valuable her knowledge is as yet.” Finally, I put my foot down and stopped that train from going down that track any longer. It was not easy at first, many of them had temper tantrums as any immature and low-level individuals would when they realized they weren’t getting any more candy and expensive gifts.

“My power was in my processing life’s significance”

As I consciously allowed myself to inwardly heal the spiritual droughts within my soul, I discovered the beauty of filtering and forgiveness on a whole new level.

Life taught me to search for purpose in the people I now connect with. There’s so many incredible moments I could tell of when the emotional insights into other people’s lives were automatically revealed to me. I grew in servitude appreciating each person that God brought into my life, career and business. It was not easy to let go of judgment and fear. In fact, until I understood that my power was in my processing life’s significance did I fully see the real beauty that God had given me, which was the ability to be authentically real – not just like a Facebook post but real, real! Embracing real emotions, acceptance of those emotions and the gratitude to see each person completely different than what my physical eyes were showing me.

I encourage you to deliberately filter life and focus on what really matters…you and your loved ones.

Thank you for reading my daily posts. I hope they bring inspiration and motivation into your life today.

I wish you Joy, Love and Peace always.

Anita Sechesky

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