There is nothing more beautiful than an individual who has chosen to work on themselves for the betterment of those they serve.

I have been around people who carried so much emotional baggage that it was deeply draining to engage in any form of communication with them because they had internal blockages affecting their perspectives on everything in life. You can visibly see the stress lines on their faces and hear how they portrayed themselves to be something they were not authentically living. I wouldn’t be surprised you know a few individuals who fit this description and I’m pretty sure you even tried to help them as well. From my own experiences I’ve learned the hard way that we have to believe people when they genuinely show us who they are, regardless if it was done inadvertently or not. Because what ends up happening to us are misconstrued attempts to become a savior to someone who does not want to be saved, or worse, they may not want to be told they need the help, support or guidance to save themselves. Essentially, they have just gotten comfortable with being just plain miserable. 

I’ve learned that focusing on my own shortcomings and individual limitations in my mindset will take me so much further by letting go of people who have only held me back, either by the false anticipation or promises that they needed me or because they just felt lonely at the bottom of the pit. So I willingly stayed to keep them company, thinking it would make our relationship solid. I’m no longer interested in hand-holding people who have these low vibration energies and the ability to manipulate me into dangerous thinking of failures and struggle. 

“Let’s focus on our inner strengths and see how much potential growth is waiting to come from within us”

I want beauty, success and healthy abundance. I want peace, joy, healing and wholeness. I want to focus on my broken branches and lovingly prune what needs to go so new lively growth can spring forth. I want to become stronger and more attractive in the marketplace so my ideal clients can easily find me. I want to show up for the emotionally hurting and physically exhausted individuals who have also cared for those same energy drainers.

Life is so beautiful that I want to spread my wings and fly, or open my blooms and embrace the sunshine on all my petals. I am that beautiful flower and so are you. Let’s blossom where we are planted. Let’s dig our roots into the ground and stand strong, not letting life’s challenges take us down any longer but rise up and shine with each new day that greets us.

Let’s focus on our inner strengths and see how much potential growth is waiting to come from within us.

I wish you Joy, Love and Peace always.

Anita Sechesky

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