Each new day is an opportunity to appreciate so much of what our lives have already manifested to enjoy freely without remorse.

It’s also freedom to recognize that every single thing we’ve accomplished, earned and willfully accepted is exactly what we have desired, lusted after or beautifully permitted to flow effortlessly into our hands. 

At this same time it’s also a powerful season to consider that these same things could possibly be the sum of who we are at this very moment in life – meaning they are a representative of what we are through and through. ie. not many people would want to manifest a bed of nails to lay on after a long and tedious day. 

As we reflect on those past accomplishments, I encourage you to consider the depths of those memories, all the struggles and even challenges it may have taken to achieve those same things we now treasure or for some even forgotten about until now. So often in the pursuit of success we become goal-focused and forget that anything worth gaining would require our undivided time, finances and our divine energetic connection to make it worthy of our prestige. This also includes the very people who came alongside you, cheering you on and investing their own precious time, energy and maybe even financial commitment to encourage and support you. Where is our loyalty now? Sadly as a society always looking at how many shiny objects we can acquire in as short of time possible or how many statuses we can gain, we often forget about the emotions and real people who helped us to make that dream real.

“Anything worth gaining would require our undivided time, finances and our divine energetic connection”

Today, I give thanks for every single person who has unselfishly come alongside me, cheered me on, prayed me up and encouraged when I was feeling low, defeated or discouraged. I would not be who I am today without these beautiful individuals. Because without inspiration and motivation there is nothing. God bless you my friend. You are always in my prayers and I pray that God blesses you with all the desires of your heart.

The more we are grateful the more blessings flow into our lives effortlessly.

I wish you Joy, Love and Peace always.

Anita Sechesky

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