When was the last time you woke up to an incredible dream of seeing yourself living differently than your current circumstances?

Often times we suppress our greatest expectations because we had inadvertently shared our hopes and desires with individuals in the past who didn’t believe in us enough. Sadly those same people didn’t encourage us to go after the very dreams that would have made our lives exceptional and satisfying. It’s because of situations like this we become easily persuaded to believe more in others instead of ourselves. We look past supporting our own goals to help everyone else become who they set out to become or ignore opportunities that would draw us closer to living the life we were created for. Our setbacks become failed attempts of something unachievable because we have not found our own courage within. Therefore it becomes a waste of time from our own damaged perspectives to continually give energy to something that is not meant for us.

“I am more than worthy to follow the dreams that my creator has placed in my heart”

This is why I feel so many people are depressed, and living a life of complacency without purpose. I’m so thankful I learned at an early age that my self-worth was not based on the biased opinions of people who hate me or want to see me fail. How silly is it to even comprehend this as acceptable?

As a child of God of the entire Universe, I am more than worthy to follow the dreams that my creator has placed in my heart. I love to see others prosper and succeed. So why shouldn’t I be blessed with the same experiences?

I am abundantly blessed because I know who I am.

I wish you Joy, Love and Peace always.

Anita Sechesky

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