MARCH, 2018


Human beings are amazing people! We would go out of our way to please people regardless of how they have used us or abused our friendship. Yet the people who would do anything to support us and cheer us on, we couldn’t be bothered with because we see flaws or issues with them. We dump these loyal connections so quickly or take them for granted because we want bigger, better and more, more, more…

Where have you seen yourself in these circumstances lately?

Life gives us many blessings and often times when we are not looking, our blessings disappear because we did not appreciate them or the people who brought them into our lives. Then we go back to the struggle of life without those little sparkles of hope around cheering us on and wonder why no one believes in us anymore.

I am so grateful for every person I have ever connected with and those who chose to show up beautifully in my life. I appreciate the people who see value in me as I always choose to see value in every life on this planet, regardless of how they behave towards me. Everyone has their own Karma and I choose to be aware of how I love, respect, and care for all life. There is energy in every connection – the success of each is dependent on the amount of gratitude that is sent to the other, regardless of how the other behaves or accepts the energy that is freely given without contempt.

“There is energy in every connection”

This year I encourage you to make it your year by lifting up the people who always celebrate and cheer you on. Choose to be present in all your relationships and see the value of every life you connect and interact with. What goes around does come around. Your life experiences are based on all the energetic interactions of all your choices. Whether you understand this or not, it’s just how our Creator of the Universe set things up for his children. Cause and effect are what it all comes down to.

Make this your year and let it be filled with more #Gratitude, then watch the magic happen!

To Your Success!

Anita Sechesky

Founder, CEO & Publisher at LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE

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