Happy New Year! As we enter into this brand new year of bliss and excitement filled with so much potential, I urge you to walk through the next 365 days with increased clarity and focus as well as remembering to take moments of healing refreshments for your soul.

It’s a fact that the more we take on in life, the more we can become bitter if we have no self-control to process what really matters. We can easily develop complacency with who we are and how we show up around others. Being gentle with yourself will help you to remain gentle with others. As the writer of your own life, your energy comes from your words. Are you just trying to prove a point or bringing hope to the world? Self-Healing books are the kind of books that people seek when they are broken, hurting, and dealing with all kinds of pain and rejection. This is why our publications are needed to show others the hope that you have found in the strength of your human soul.

My encouragement to you: over the next few weeks before you take the year on, allow your soul to feel the emotions of life and then release all things that linger only to cause you harm. Forgive those who have wrongfully used your abilities to their benefit or abused your emotional intellect. Remember those moments only to grow from and be inspired by your strength and courage within. Never belittle others who try to teach you, for wisdom is something that every human being carries inside and that can only be achieved through lessons that life weaves through the years lived by tears, fears, trials and pain.

As you wish for yourself, always know that someone is also wishing the same: respect, hope, help, courage, love, peace, joy, health, happiness and abundance to name a few. Be more generous with your praise, for when it struggles to come from your lips, it will always struggle from others to get into your life. The love that you have for yourself is not wrong, but we should have the compassion to love others just the same. Learn early in every relationship who people really are, for some will only test you to break you or to get as much as they can from you. Your personal limits are meant to protect you. The way you choose to allow others to hurt you is not living without limitations, it’s just putting limits on your inspiration, joy, hope, happiness, abundance, success, and love for life.

“It’s a fresh start – healing and processing must be included in your daily life.”

Always know that every man and woman have bills to pay and many people are emotionally persuaded in some way. Weak-minded people will gravitate with those who have the biggest ‘Things’ to who have the most influence but at the end of the day, it’s not about riches, spotlight, or attention, every person no matter how vulnerable is still valuable in every way possible. So just be real and don’t let yourself be fooled by so many facades. If you don’t fill yourself up every once in a while, life will not go as you planned. You will hold onto grudges – forgetting to forgive, learn not to love, and remain stagnant in all the same places. Your so-called friends will disappear and your goals will be missed.

You cannot help others if you don’t heal yourself first. As the author of your soul, you are a leader whether you realize this or not. You must always find empathy for those who hurt you, or your words will be tainted with negativity in some way or other. You are only human, and forgiveness was created for you to release rejection, pain, and heartache. Disappointments like this leave scars upon your heart that often creates ripples in the flow of your abundance and so much more creativities for you to grow. People can only do the best they can do at any given moment and most people do not see who they really are in the mirror, but only what they want to see. Choose to always see the best in others; this way you are always a step ahead in life, for those who lift others up will never stumble or fall. You can only get better and rise higher when you have your perspectives in clear focus and without flaws.

You must not let your emotions control you, or the passions you once had will be pushed far away. You will lose momentum and maybe even lose your own way. The sizzle will go and things you once loved will no longer make you glow. So instead of making excuses and missing the mark, keep your game strong and follow your heart. Keep your head straight and don’t let distractions trip you up once again. It’s a fresh start and healing and processing must always be included in your daily life. Only you know how many times you have walked this walk with your head low and regretting what you once talked.

Now let’s pick up the pace and start to walk your talk. You can do this and you now have a head start. Lift your countenance high and make this year count. The future always belongs to those who know how to plan out their dreams!


Anita Sechesky

Founder, CEO & Publisher at LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE

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