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Welcome to Your Fulfillment Service and Book Order Page

This book fulfillment service is a liaison communication service provided by LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE. To begin your book order, the processing Service fee must be submitted first.

This processing Service fee is applied to your order and is based on the number of books being ordered.

Each order requires a Separate processing fee.

Service fees of $25 USD will be applied for every 100 books ordered.


1 – 100 books: $25 USD service fee

101 – 200 books: $50 USD service fee

201 – 300 books: $75 USD service fee

301 – 400 books: $100 USD service fee

401 – 500 books: $125 USD service fee

This fee structure continues for each additional 100 books ordered.

Effective May 1st, 2020

Choose the appropriate quantity of books by clicking on the drop-down box and then

click on the “Buy Now” button below to complete this important transaction.

Service Fee

All orders are priced in either US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, or Australian Dollars

depending on the location of the printer closest to your delivery destination.

The next step involves placing your book order.

The information you fill in here will be used to generate a Price Quote for your order.

Please make sure ALL the information is accurate to avoid any delays.

Our printer’s cost can increase as stated: Once annually, they solely reserve the right to modify

their Pricing Schedule upon issuance. Such an increase will not be greater than five percent (5%).

PLEASE place a separate order for each book title you want (no double orders together).

The following guide will assist you with filling in the appropriate information.

First and Last Name: Your full name.

Street Address: Provide your home address, NOT your mailing address, as this is where the printer will ship your order.

Include your house or unit #. The printer will not ship orders to a P.O. Box number.

City: The name of the community (city, town, etc.) where you currently reside.

Province, State or Territory: The name of the Canadian Province, U.S. State, or Territory your community is located in.

Postal Code/Zip Code: Required for home delivery.

Email Address: Your current valid email address. This will be where the quote for your book order and any other correspondence will be sent.

Phone Number: Our printer requires a contact phone number for customer orders.

Quantity of Books Being Ordered: Number of books you would like to order (minimum of 1 book).

Book Title: Fill in the correct title of the book you want to order.

Choose Printing Service: How quickly do you require your book? Choosing “Express” will ensure your book order is printed faster.

Delivery Options: How quickly do you require your book? Choosing “Economy” is the most economical choice. Selecting “Express Premium” or “Overnight” will ensure your book order is delivered faster, based on your location. **There is a substantial surcharge when choosing these options.

BROKEN TRUST: Empowering Stories of Healing for Relationships, Finances & Wellness   978-1-988867-66-3

STRONGER RESILIENCE: Stories to Empower the Mind, Body & Spirit   978-1-988867-74-8

You Have So Much Potential: Inspiring Generational Healing & Transformation   978-1-988867-53-3

Healing the Little Woman Inside – Stories of Rebirth & Renewal   978-1-988867-43-4

The Monkeys in My Dreams: Healing Generational Trauma Through Love, Hope & Forgiveness   978-1-988867-35-9

AWAKENINGS: Stories of Growth, Healing & Magical Transformation   978-1-988867-33-5

Chemotherapy & Tequila   978-1-988867-09-9

Special Needs Essentials – The Go-To Handbook on Essential Oils   978-1-988867-11-3

IF I COULD BE – FROM “A” TO “Z”   978-0-993964-87-9

Living Without Limitations – More Stories to Heal Your World (B&W interior)   978-1-988867-05-2

Living Without Limitations – More Stories to Heal Your World (colour interior)   978-1-988867-04-5

Transforming Lives One Story at a Time – Powerful Stories of Success & Inspiration   978-1-988867-02-1

Soulful Stories of Love & Empowerment   978-1-988867-01-4

Shine Like A Diamond – Compelling Stories of Life’s Victories   978-1-988867-00-7

H A L O – Lighting up Heaven on Earth   978-0-9939648-9-3

#Hope – A New Way of Thinking   978-0-9939648-8-6

Guided By The Light – Following Your Angelic Guides   978-0-9939648-6-2

#Peace – A New Perspective of Hope   978-0-9939648-5-5

The Depth of Her Soul – Stories of Faith and Empowerment   978-0-9939648-1-7

Ruby Red Shoes – Empowering Stories on Relationships, Intuition & Purpose   978-0-9939648-2-4

Living Without Limitations – Vision Quest   978-0-9939648-3-1

#Love – A New Generation of Hope Continues…   978-0-9939648-4-8

Printing Service (Economy or Express): Choose “Economy” for 4 – 5 day printing time, “Express” for 2 day printing time.

Note: the printer adds an 11% surcharge to the cost of the order for “Express” printing.

Delivery Time (Economy or Express)

– An “Economy” Canadian Order delivery time to most addresses within the 10 provinces of Canada takes 3 to 7 business days, based on your location. Shipments are traceable.

– An “Express” Canadian Order delivery time to most addresses within the 10 provinces of Canada takes 1 to 5 business days, based on your location. Shipments are traceable. Note: there is a substantial surcharge to the cost of the order for “Express” shipping.

There are various delivery options available for American Orders including Overnight Premium, Air delivery, and 7 to 10 business days, based on delivery location. Shipments are traceable depending on the delivery service chosen.

– Please indicate how quickly your order is required so the appropriate delivery can be arranged.

For International Orders, there is “Economy” delivery to most countries. Shipment times are dependent on the local mail system based on the location. Shipments are NOT traceable. “Premium” delivery is available to over 200 counties. 1 to 5 days delivery time based on the location. Shipments are traceable.

Note: There is a substantial surcharge to the cost of the order for “Premium” shipping. The Printer has locations in the U.K., Europe, and Australia. This will expedite delivery times for International orders.


No PayPal or e-transfers can be accepted.

Once you receive your book order quote by email from LWL Client Support, please click on the payment link provided in the email.

When your payment information has been received, your order will be processed for printing and shipping. You will receive an email with the shipment tracking number(s).

Once you receive your shipment tracking number(s), it is your sole responsibility to follow up with the shipment of your books.

LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE is not responsible for lost or undelivered orders.