“If people don’t write their story when they are physically, mentally, and spiritually capable, they won’t feel like they’ve honored what they’ve walked through.”

Multi-Author Book

Our Anthologies are a great way to quickly become published with limited commitment to content creation.

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Our Author Packages enable you to choose which services fit your publication goals.

Children's Book

Our Children’s Book Packages enable you to choose which services fit your publication goals.

Manuscript Design Only

Our Manuscript Design Services enable our indie authors to self-publish with the professional touch!

Editing Services Only

Our Editing Services offer three packages: Proof-reading, Copy/Line Editing, and Developmental Editing.

Visionary Coaching

Our Visionary Book Coaching empowers the writer to gain direction and develop a solid book structure.

Cover Design Only

Our Cover Design services offer three packages that suit your publication goals.


Our Ghostwriting services are for individuals who have limited time to articulate their compelling story.

Media Marketing Tools

Our Media Marketing Tools provide social media and promo content to attract personal book sales.

Graphic Illustrations

Our Graphic Illustrations services offer two packages to personalize and bring your book to life.

Author Website

Our Author Website services provide a WordPress site with the option for monthly maintenance.

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Our Free Resources are ready for you to utilize in your writing journey.  Sign up to automatically receive them.


LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE was established in 2013 by Anita Sechesky RN, CPC, Best-Selling Author & Publisher because she went through emotions of feeling unappreciated and insignificant growing up. Therefore, Anita’s professionalism and expertise motivate her to help authors feel validated when they work with her. Anita’s indie publishing company has produced a variety of self-healing and motivational stories of hope, courage, and strength in an array of beautiful publications. Emotional healing through writing is Anita’s primary focus when working with her authors.



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