Write Your Solo Book

$997 CAD (+ HST) to $5,500 CAD (+ HST)

What if I told you that you can have your book published in less time than you imagine? What is your first step as an LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE author?

If you don’t have a manuscript but would like to experience the support, feedback, and world-class mentorship that we provide, we offer 4 packages to choose from that fits comfortably with your needs as a soon-to-be-published author.

*For only $997 CAD to $5,500 CAD, you can have your book planted, nurtured, and blossoming in the publishing world via LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE (HST will be added to package price).

What if you have a dream to write your book BUT still need the professional guidance and accountability to get your book published so you can start gaining the credibility you deserve as an internationally published author?

If you are ready to step into the goal of becoming published but need the expertise and guidance of a Best-Selling Publisher, we will set up a goal plan to see your dream become a reality that is stress-free and success-oriented.

These all-inclusive publishing packages offer everything for you to experience the concierge treatment through professional mentorship and guidance in your publishing journey with LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE, whether it’s your very first book or wherever you are in your journey. The finished product will be either one or both exciting versions of your book – print and e-book – depending on the package you choose.

– Leadership skills not required, but an asset.
– Organizational skills not required if willing and ready to create your Masterplan for Success.
– Eager to learn and step into the leadership role to carry your book vision for a successful launch and a lifetime legacy.
– Accountability to make your book a reality.
– Mentoring & scheduled check-ins as required, until your book release.
– Ability to be flexible with your vision and to work well with others.
– Positive attitude.

Contact: LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE to book a Discovery Session with our Publisher, Anita Sechesky