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Anita Sechesky is the Publisher of this series of this multi-author Anthology. She is the owner and founder of LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE. You are joining a world-class project, with over 350 international best-selling published authors to date.

Thank you for taking this POWERFUL step to contribute to this life-shifting project. Your chapter will collaborate with 179 co-authors.

Anita Sechesky is the dedicated Team Leader overseeing all the submissions in this publication.

Anita Sechesky is the Founder and CEO of Anita Sechesky – Living Without Limitations Inc. She is an RN, CPC, Best-Seller Publisher, Book Writing Mentor, Multiple International Best-Selling Author, Conference Host, Keynote Speaker, as well as a Law of Attraction and NLPP.

Currently, her company has successfully branded approximately 350 International Best-Selling authors in the last four years. LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE is a division of her company, in which she offers coaching, mentoring, motivation, marketing, and of course publishing services for her clients. 2016 marked the addition of LWL KIDz and the introduction of non-fictional single author books.

**Estimated Date of Publication:  August 2018 or sooner.


LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE is inviting some very special people like yourself who are ready to share some of their love, wisdom, faith, hope, truths, values, insights and creative thoughts with purposeful living to the rest of the world. We would love for you to participate in this special opportunity by submitting a 500-word chapter to our SOUL 180 book.

We are also offering 18 limited chapters of 1000-words on any of the above topics for only $100. These special SOULFUL chapters will be throughout the book. You will have your 50-word bio and picture with your chapter and one social media link to promote you.

You can contribute anything from a short poem, uplifting story, healing prayer, positive words of affirmations, inspirational messages from your soul, peaceful poetry, or empathic songs to make a heart sing. These uplifting messages will create a loving, accepting and creative energy for all of our readers to stay grounded in their daily lives.


This book is for anyone who interacts with others on a daily basis whether it is through their businesses, social events, employment, recreational activities, or personal relationships. We want our readers to always reach for this book and find something to uplift and inspire them regardless of what they are going through in their lives.

Our intention is that this book will provide something for everyone to also feel grounded, confident, healthy and balanced in their lives, relationships, and daily interactions so they can live it to their fullest potential.


Anyone can join our book. If you love to live life intentionally with a positive purpose and want to attract a life without limitations, this is the book project for you in 2018.



No previous writing or publishing experience necessary.


Yes, all submissions will be professionally edited. Poetry will be edited for spelling only.



 As a contributor, you will be permitted to purchase the books at the wholesale price via our Fulfillment service. then self-promote and sell the book for your own profit even though you only contributed one submission.

– You will have International Best-Selling author as a title for your portfolio.
– Your picture will be in the book.
– You can sell this book at your own price point for personal profit.
– You can get over 100 endorsements from your co-authors.
– You will make authentic connections and increase your network.
– Your personal value increases as a published author opening new doors of opportunities.
– You will have resources and support to write your best submission possible.
– You will be part of an Official Book video trailer.
– You will attract more good things in your life as you put more positivity into the universe.


LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE provides a Fulfillment service, for an annual fee of  $55 USD, to order copies of your book from our international printers. *Average book costs can be $5 – 7 USD/copy.


1 – Make your registration payment.
2 – Fill out the registration form with your contact info.
3 – Check your email for your CONSENT TO PUBLISH agreement from LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE. This must be e-signed by following the prompts on the document.
4 – Send Anita Sechesky, your Publisher, a Friend request if you are not already connected on FaceBook, so you can be added to our LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE Author Support Group.

For our book, you will be getting published by Anita Sechesky, a multiple International Best-Selling author and Best-Seller Publisher.

You are in good hands and we look forward to working with you and the many other amazing individuals that will be participating in my project. Your name will be recognized as an International Published Co-Author. Additionally, you will be supported and inspired by everyone in this project. It doesn’t matter where you are right now in your life. YOU can make a difference!

DISCLAIMER: You will also have other opportunities to be promoted as a co-author in Anita’s book. (Please note, some marketing opportunities to promote yourself may/will require a fee that is over and above your registration fee package that is outlined in this invitation. If you decide to take these opportunities in the future they are at your discretion).

Upon registration, you will be required to send a Facebook friend request to Anita Sechesky, who is the Publisher and Founder of LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE, sign and submit a confidential Consent to Publish Agreement, make your payment(s) in full, communicate regularly to stay updated as our project moves forward, and respect everyone participating in order to receive the services provided and be published within this book.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: By accepting to become a co-author in this Anthology Project, you are a contributor in a joint venture business opportunity. Your participation as a contributor for a small investment to be published alongside other experts as yourself on this topic grants you the privilege to self-market yourself by means of self-generating your own sales/profits via book signings, your own social media, speaking events, and in-person sales. You also agree that the main author/compiler (Anita Sechesky) is the only one accessible and privileged to receive royalties from online distribution.

The information presented on this web page is strictly confidential and will remain the exclusive property of the Provider (Anita Sechesky – Living Without Limitations Inc.) and will only be used by the Recipient for the permitted purpose. The Recipient will not use this Confidential Information for any purpose that might be directly or indirectly detrimental to the Provider or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. This web page is intended solely for the use of the individual or entity who has been invited by the Compiler.

If you are not the intended recipient you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  A full 100% refund (minus $30 administration fee) will be issued if you choose to withdraw from your publishing opportunity within the first 10 calendar days from the date of registration. A refund of 50% (minus $30 administration fee) will be issued if you choose to withdraw between 11 to 20 calendar days after the date of registration. No refund will be issued if you withdraw after 20 calendar days.

Included with your 500-word chapter will be your professional title.

Included with your 1000-word chapter will be your professional title, 1 social media link, and a professional profile picture.

First Step: Choose the appropriate button to make your payment.

Second Step: Fill in the Registration Form below the payment buttons.

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After you have made your payment, complete your registration by filling in the following form.

LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE welcomes you into our publishing family.

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