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Natalie was born and raised in Timmins, Ontario and currently lives in Ottawa. She is a writer and the owner of Angelic Changes. She is a Certified Intuitive Energy & Soul Healer, a spiritual Teacher, Soul Communicator, Inspirational Speaker, and Road Block Destroyer with over eighteen years experience in medical management. Natalie uses a heart-centered “Soul Song” to remove Soul, Mind, Emotional, and Body Blockages to transform all aspects of life, both in this present time and past lifetimes. Her mission in life is to be an Unconditional Servant, spreading Love, Peace, & Harmony and to shine her light as brightly as possible.

**Estimated Date of Publication:  2018.


Have you ever felt like a Superhero – wearing many masks by wanting to please and serve everyone but yourself? The mother/father, the perfect spouse, the cook, the nurse, the people pleaser, the perfectionist, the workaholic, the sexy goddess, the savior, the victim – all of the above and many more. Are you and were you tired of pleasing everyone else but yourself? Then this IS the book for you!

If you were guided here today, it’s not by accident!

This book is combination of heart-felt inspirational stories to Nourish Your Soul and empower your Inner/Outer Journey. This book has a Yin and Yang Balance to heal, enlighten, guide, embrace and liberate one’s authenticity of their inner child and awaken the gifts to their beautiful and powerful soul.

Did you hear the News?

2018 is “Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone” and surpass your fears of being heard, seen, read or judged and conquer your dreams to success this Year. Do you feel you resonate with my vision?

If your answer is YES, then contact me today! Let’s co-create Magic together! Check out the link below and secure your spot today as a Co-Author in my Anthology “FREE YOUR INNER CHILD by REMOVING THE MASK.” I am excited to work with you, read your amazing heart-felt story, and having you on my Team!

I am looking for 15 heart-centered, grounded, confident, and very special people who “Practice what they preach” and who are ready to share and re-explore their inner and outer journeys. Powerful Co-Authors who have done their healing and are NOW ready to share their wisdom and heart-felt experiences with the world. Each Co-Author will be required to write a 2000-word chapter for each of the 2 sections. YES, that’s right! In this Anthology, you get a lot of content. A combination of 4000 words as well as a 200-word Bio. The ideal Co-Author for this Anthology would be: light workers, healers, entrepreneurs, social workers, therapists, naturopaths, yoga practitioners, life and/or spiritual coaches.

This book will have two sections:


In this section, the focus is the feminine (yin) energy, therefore, stories pertaining to the Emotional and Soul Bodies. Co-Authors who follow their intuition and guidance to heal the relationship with their authentic-self and inner child. This section is all about the self and how you were empowered, inspired, and enlightened to nourish your soul with healing, love, compassion, acceptance, balance, worth and values.


In this section, the focus is the masculine (yang) energy, therefore, stories pertaining to the Mental and Physical Bodies. Co-Authors with powerful and grounding accounts of how they embraced and conquered with confidence their inner and outer journeys. This section is all about the deep-rooted healing of one’s inner child and ability to understand and heal their functioning, life cycles, patterns, beliefs, limits, boundaries, reflexions, mirror and shadow work, as well as the wisdom of “letting go” tools to overcome the barriers to succeed.

You can contact me at: angelicchanges444@yahoo.ca for more information.

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