Destiny is about creating the best life possible.

You can always change what you don’t like about yourself even though you cannot change others. But the biggest thing most people struggle with is recognizing WHERE their personal loopholes are in life and WHY they keep making the same mistakes over and over again.


Isn’t it time for you to become your Absolutely Best self ever? There really is a happily ever after in this life and it all starts within you!

Join my next Absolutely YOU! MasterClass and shift the way you show up in the world. As you do your internal work, watch your external world shift into the direction you really want to go.

– Gain Confidence

– Discover Your Strengths

– Release Confusion

– Step into an Empowered Mindset

– Heal Relationships

– Find New Perspectives

– Eliminate Doubts

– Embrace Your Inner Child

– Encourage New Opportunities for Personal Growth

– Eradicate Fearful experiences


Webinar Seats are limited due to content coverage.

REQUIREMENTS TO REGISTER: An open mind to participate in group discussions and class activities.

I was fortunate enough to be apart of Anita’s pilot Absolutely You Masterclass.
As a mentor in which she’s helped me co-author three books so far, Anita brilliance and knowledge of coaching individuals with a safe and powerful positive platform such as this class was truly amazing. I learned many different ways of looking at old thoughts and issues that were holding me back in my life and turned my fears about those issues into motivation to push forward into my future. Without the knowledge that Anita brings to this professional setting. the class would not have been as successful as it was for me. The team efforts of my other classmates made the learning so much more interesting. It was my honor to take part in such an amazing class and I continue to be grateful that Anita is such an amazing mentor to me and so many others..
~ Leah M. Lucas ~ Best-Selling Co-Author, Student, Mother, Daughter and Best Friend to many.

Being in Anita Sechesky’s MasterClass taught me many things. I learned to think outside the box by realizing that there were some things I was choosing to push into my subconscious. I learned to face those particular thoughts head on and deal with them. By doing this, I know now that I am able to help others this way. Anita was an amazing and knowledgeable teacher who loved to throw in a few surprises along the way just to keep us on our toes. And thanks to Anita, I was not only published in my first ever anthology #Peace – A New Perspective of Hope last year, I’m also being published in another one within the next few months, called Shine Like a Diamond – Compelling Stories of Life’s Victories. And to top it all off, I will be getting my first ever book published through LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE in the summer of 2017!! Thank you so much Anita for giving me the confidence to make all my dreams come true.
~ Stephanie Roy ~ Best-Selling Co-Author, Psychology major, former Youth Worker.


I am looking for individuals who are ready to make their life everything it can become! 

People who are finally tired of making all the excuses they have ALWAYS made. People who want to believe in themselves and recognize that this is where it all starts. NO One ever said SUCCESS was easy and now I want to help you see that if you are ready to take you life to the next level…you can do it too!

When you allow yourself to release old patterns that have created limiting perspectives you will see things in a whole NEW WAY! Once your mind shifts to that of positivity, and healing finally begins on a deep level, you will see how POWERFUL you really are. You will not ONLY get through life and survive, but also thrive.


How CAN you do it?

How CAN you empower yourself?

What SHOULD be your thoughts when going through life stuff?

How CAN you apply POSITIVE EXPECTATIONS into your situation?

How CAN you change your limiting perspectives?

What kind of mental tools CAN you utilize in your transformation process?

Are you still hurting and want to find solutions to overcome?


To empower your personal life experiences whether in business or in personal relationships via applied, learned and instinctive behaviors including follow through with accountable actions.


This MASTERCLASS opportunity is for anyone who went through disappointments, failures, rejection, missed opportunities, lack of motivation, lack of support from family or friends, or trauma – and you’ve healed or are still needing some personal healing. Maybe you’re still struggling to see your full potential and you know you deserve to give yourself a chance to become all that you were created to be in this life. It doesn’t matter what your professional background is and where you are at this point in your life as long as you see the value in your dreams. When you recognize the purpose in your steps, victory is always to be gained…you are invited to take it to the next level!!! It’s time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and start empowering your inner child. The person who has been neglected, rejected, hurt, abused…stop abusing yourself any longer! Start seeing your UNLIMITED POTENTIAL! You have tried on your own for so long to go after so many ambitions and goals but never really heard and supported because life is very busy.

Give yourself the opportunity to receive the unbiased support, encouragement and collective energy you deserve to start attracting a LIFE WITHOUT LIMITATIONS!

LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE and the masterclass has come into my life at a point where enough is enough and things cannot go in the direction they seem to be headed any longer! A person’s reality revolves around where their mind is, and this class is a place that allows that to shift depending on a deep-down willingness of the participant to make that change to be ABSOLUTELY themselves. Participation in discussions is voluntary, but is highly encouraged, so as to achieve the most that you can from your time with Anita and the other students in the masterclass. Anita’s understanding and warm personality allows people to share where they are and guide them in transforming their lives to be what they envision their true self to be. While many can put on a mask of positivity that might be seen through by those around them, Anita is genuine in her desire to look at life through a positive lens while acknowledging the challenges in doing so.
~ Nicholas Wendler ~ Psychotherapist, Spiritual Care Therapist, Political Activist.

I was a part of Anita Sechesky’s ABSOLUTELY YOU! MasterClass pilot group and I enthusiastically recommend this for every one of you!! The ten week class taught me a lot about myself in many ways. Anita has an awesome & powerful way of getting you to look into the mirror and dig deep within yourself to find how you can change to become the person you are meant to be. Anita provided a safety net of support and professional guidance, so my fears of being transparent quickly melted away. I would love to have you all participate with me and become ABSOLUTELY YOU! Join me in the next MasterClass group and find out what it’s all about.
~ Sandi Chomyn ~ Best-Selling Co-Author, Certified Life Coach, Internet Marketing Specialist, Holistic Healer, LWL Support Team.

What would I get?

  • 10 weekly scheduled 2-3 hour webinars. Dates will be set and recordings will be available.
  • VIP Webinar MASTERCLASS group support.
  • Exclusive PRIVATE Facebook group for MasterClass Students only.
  • Receive your FREE signed copy of “Absolutely YOU!” if you register before April 1st.
  • Option to have your 3000 word “Break – through” chapter published at the end of 10 week MasterClass for the SAME price you registered with!

Certificates of Completion will be forwarded to each person who has participated in class or communicated to the facilitator about each class recording. This maintains the integrity of the MasterClass certification process.


**Join our virtual Masterclass and get connected to other beautiful souls across the globe.**


2017 – Let’s Make It Your BEST YEAR Ever!

my company

Anita Sechesky – Living Without Limitations Inc. is based on my value of integrity to bring hope, inspiration, and empowerment to all who may have endured what I have, or even worse. I strive to help people recognize that no one has the right, no matter who they are, to belittle, degrade, or destroy another’s dreams.

As a nurse, I’ve witnessed many patients whose dreams were never fully lived and, sadly, perished with them. I was there at the lowest points in their lives to listen and support. As a Certified Professional Life Coach through International Coaching Federation, I have helped people who cannot see their own self-worth, have lost hope and settled for less than they deserve, or lost all self-confidence because no one believed in them and they cannot see their potential.

I understand that kind of emotional damage and want to show people how the power of communication, visualization, positive affirmations, empowered thoughts, and EQ (emotional intelligence) can be used effectively to empower and evoke self – healing to attract the life you most desire. 

As a Best – Seller Publisher, I have worked with over 200 international authors and I can say that it makes no difference where you are in the world, you are still valued, important, and your feelings really do matter. By shifting our mind – sets, we can overcome so many limiting beliefs and self – destructing patterns.

At some point, everyone has to realize that they cannot allow others to continue negatively impacting and degrading them. We are more powerful than we realize and we can create the life we most desire. Our energy does not lie.

I strongly believe every person deserves to be given the opportunity to reach higher, stand taller, and surpass their own expectations and goals. What does your life look like? Does your personal life need a new outlook or game plan?

Then I know you will gain powerful insight from reading this book and participating in our MasterClass.

anita sechesky

Your experience to be Coached, Mentored, and Published with Anita Sechesky will be life-changing! You will see how much potential is truly locked up inside and learn how to tap into your unlimited possibilities. Doing so will help you create a world without limitations for you to succeed in everything you apply yourself to!

Anita is a Registered Nurse who graduated in 2004. With over 12 years of professional experience, she has worked with clients in the Health Care Field from all age groups and diversities. Anita has excellent written and communication skills, is empathetic and goal-oriented. She is also an ICF Certified Professional Coach, a Best-Seller Publisher, Law of Attraction Practitioner, a soon-to-be Master of NLP Practitioner, as well as a multiple Best-Selling author and highly sought-after mentor. Anita is the founder of Anita Sechesky – Living Without Limitations Inc. and the Publisher of LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE, which empowers, inspires, and motivates both authors and readers alike to step into living their best lives possible. She hosts a variety of events, taking part in her motivational and empowering “Inspired To Write” workshops and webinars, as well as her Living Without Limitations Conferences.

  • You will get the professional opinion of Anita as a Best-Seller Publisher, multiple International Best-Selling Author, Certified Professional Life Coach, soon to be Master NLP Practitioner, Law of Attraction Practitioner and creative Marketing Consultant to feel confident to step into the next level of your life as a published author.
  • You are invited to join her motivational Facebook group with over 900 members, called “Living Without Limitations Lifestyle!”
  • You will get an invitation to be interviewed on her “INSPIRED TO WRITE” webinar series.
  • You will have an opportunity to be one of our valued speakers at any of our Living Without Limitations Conferences.

Working with Anita will help you to identify “Limiting Beliefs” and break the destructive cycle that blocks many people from achieving their life dreams! Anita has helped to save and improve the lives of many patients, but now she has moved her passion for living and success by bringing it to her clients through Professional Coaching and Publishing! 

As part of our Absolutely YOU! – MasterClass, you will be examining your own limiting beliefs and possibly the patterns that have led you to experience the life you are currently manifesting.

We will be having weekly Webinars to openly share your thoughts or challenges with the weekly assignments in our Absolutely YOU! workbook. As your MasterClass mentor, I would love to have you share your thoughts about what “Becoming Absolutely YOU!” means to you. Do you have things that you’ve struggled with for years but never shared? Do you love to shift negative thoughts into powerful affirmations but still feel drained and have low self-esteem? Then this MasterClass is meant for you.

I have authored several Best-Selling books, and have hosted successful Living Without Limitations workshops and Conferences which focus on inner-healing and self-development. My clients, guests, and readers all express the same things when it comes to personally stepping it up a notch, breaking off limitations, and shifting their own personal perspectives…they always had it within themselves but never had the right keys to unlock their FULL POTENTIAL! 

As a Best – Seller Publisher, Registered Nurse, Certified Professional Life Coach, Law of Attraction Practitioner and soon to be Master NLPP, I collectively apply my specialized skills to assist all of my clients in the most unique and empowering way.

This is why our books get into the hands of people from all walks of life the world over. People who are very sick or terminally ill in the hospital will appreciate reading the encouragement and inspiration from our collaboration. Our publications can end up in nursing homes, in medical offices, in a college student’s hands, or even in libraries everywhere. There will be people going through life transformations, trauma, and serious situations where they feel hopeless. Maybe they have had their whole world turn upside down or worse…

I don’t know what you are facing within yourself today, but I know that we can become our own worst enemy through our belief systems and conditioning. By registering for this MasterClass, you are giving yourself permission to SHINE in 2017!

This is what you will receive:

  • A signed copy of Absolutely YOU! Overcome False Limitations & Become Your Full Potential.
  • Weekly 2-3 hour scheduled webinar sessions with everyone else in the class to discuss our homework and personal breakthroughs if you so desire in a safe environment.
  • Exclusive membership to a Private Facebook group to connect with other members and future members.
  • The opportunity to be published with your BREAKTHROUGH story (*3000 words) for the same price that you registered for this MasterClass. A $1250 Value.



$200 CAD + HST


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