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Leaning On A Light Post

True Stories That Reflect Hope in the Darkness


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Larissa was born in Nairobi, Kenya and was forced to leave in 1973. Her father is from Uganda and all South Asians were being expelled by Idi Amin at that time. Arriving in the cold of winter, Toronto, Canada has been home for almost forty-five years. As a child, Larissa loved reading, singing, and playing the piano. She is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario Musical Arts program and Faculty of Education. Larissa has been teaching Vocal Music with the TCDSB for over twenty-five years.

**Estimated Date of Publication: 2019.

The topics for this beautiful book are relationships (from friends to romantic), career goals and challenges, family ups and downs, coping with health-related issues, childhood friendships that never end, divorce care, step-parenting, aging parents and how to support without being controlling, long-distance family relationships, raising successful and confident children, blended families.

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