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To step into a Leadership/Compiler role at LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE is not as daunting as it may seem, as most have had some kind of hands-on marketing experience from either supporting other businesses and their events or promoting their own business. However, everyone still does have some kind of experience whether they see it or not and many people multitask promoting and supporting others whether they understand that or not. It’s when we put so much thought and pressure on ourselves we get blocked from authentically showing up. If you hold onto your vision, you will stay focused and passionate about its high vibration and easily attract others to your vision by the way you talk and express yourself authentically. People always want to be connected with this kind of vibe. Therefore I encourage you to put to use all your past marketing skills and experiences to consider becoming a Compiler of your own amazing anthology. You already have what it takes and nothing should stop you from experiencing the exhilarating feeling of having your name on the front cover of a book that you compiled and invited others to collaborate with you on!

For example: If you have ever been involved in any kind of fund-raiser, supporting a public or private event, you have “SUPER-SKILLS” that you need to tap into and utilize and you should be collaborating with your co-authors or networking community who probably have some “RAD” skills of their own to help you fill your books up in record time. Make your own business arrangements that you promote them if they promote you etc. Why not set some sweet goals for you to rise up higher in life? You may be published already but why not own this leadership experience now and make your vision something worth going down in history?

The difference in being a co-author of an anthology and Compiler/Visionary leader is now your unique vision is something that really matters because it represents who you are as an entrepreneur and I know that many of you are goal-setters who have high standards and for that reason, I am offering you this publishing opportunity with LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE. You are leaders with a vision and the world is waiting to see you do this, sooner rather than later. People want to hear your message and the contributions of others who resonate with your unique vision.

How often have you done something radical and amazing in life like this? Have you considered if you are you actually hitting your personal best in life? Don’t let YOUR life’s message get lost in daily routines of just living or working and supporting someone else’s dreams or visions. Write your story by either collaborating in an anthology that we have in the works right now or expand your personal vision with the world by becoming a Compiler and enlighten those around the globe with your insight, intellect, and interpretation of what matters most to you. Either way, just write your story and feel the satisfaction of achieving this as one of your personal bests in life…just because it’s based on YOUR vision in life and it’s about time the world read all about it.

Don’t be that person who puts their goals in the box and gets them all messed up.The clarity you want may not come until you do what you are supposed to do and release what you are supposed to release first. Blocked energy is real and once released it allows so much more to flow around your world, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. By completing your goals in the order you attain them in life you succeed on a whole new level of organization and self-mastery as a leader. You already know this by the way you feel when you neglect something that you know needs your attention. The sweetest successes in life were worth the personal lessons to achieve each one of them, especially when you were so close to giving up! We can help you get your dreams of being published by encouraging, mentoring and supporting you. The rest is on you as the true leader you have set out to be!

One thing though as an LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE Compiler, you will always have the opportunity to seek the support you need in your writing journey as you step into your personal best, along with sweet incentives to push you closer to your publishing goal. We believe in all of our Compilers and their visions and we promote them forever on our website.

Did you know that by being published you can do so many MORE things with your book?
Here are a few things for you and your co-authors to consider, even though they only write one chapter in your anthology:
1 – Everyone can leverage it as a gift for their own workshops or business.
2 – Everyone can self-generate their own book sales from book signing events at their convenience ie. coffee shops and small business venues.
3 – Everyone can do pre-order sales where they actually get paid first AND then place their book orders through our LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE Fulfillment services at wholesale price.
4 – Everyone can update their professional title, LinkedIn status and work experience on their resume and public profile.
5 – Everyone can offer copies of their book for door prizes at events and conferences where they sign the chapter they wrote and insert their business info in more detail.
6 – Everyone can collaborate with you, the Compiler or any of your co-authors to create workshops and events based on your individual vision and sell your books, services, and other products.
7 – Everyone can submit copies of the book to radio and television stations for interviews.
8 – Everyone can apply for speaking events as an internationally published author.
9 – Everyone can build and re-brand themselves & their business around their chapter story and personal vision.
10 – Everyone can use their own book sales to support and raise funds for causes, charities or specific organizations they believe in.
11 – Everyone can compile their own anthology with THEIR NAME on the FRONT COVER and have the help and support of LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE based on their vision and attract amazing co-authors who resonate with their vision and build an exciting career around their book.

What’s your plan?
Let’s make it happen. Your call now. I would love to help you make this a solid goal for 2018.

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