Soulful Stories

Compiled by Andrea Lavallee & Candace Hawkshaw

Published: June 2017

When life gives you lemons do we always remember to make lemonade? My hope is that our book will be your lemonade. Your “go to source” for when life gets bumpy or when you need a boost. As one of the visionaries, it is my gift to you to find the courage within yourself to gain strength through these amazing stories and to be able to finally live your EMPOWERED life ~ Andrea Lavallee

Andrea Lavallee is an Empowerment Awareness Consultant and Life Coach. She is the founder of The Empowerment Coaching Group, and the host of the International radio show, The Life Coach Radio Show. Andrea is available for live speaking opportunities, in person workshops, and one-on-one coaching.

Andrea’s Co-Authors: Annette Moreland (Sanetha), Danielle Hughes, Diane Freitas, Joey Wargachuk, Karen Phelps, Mary Lynn Stevenson, Mary Willemsen, Natalie Friese, Sarah Noseworthy Nickason, Suzanne Bertolas, Tara Nadia Campbell, Trina Virgin

Stories of love. Love being the strongest energy in the Universe. These stories show us that if you are open to receive love, it can heal you through loss, birth, rebirth, and parts of us. Love can connect us to the Divine which is us ~ Candace Hawkshaw

Candace Hawkshaw is a certified Holy Fire II Reiki Master, a teacher, a healer, and a mentor. She is certified in many other complimentary healing modalities, and is the bridge that will connect your Soul and Spirit to the Universal Source. Candace is a weaver of Love, who will assist you on your journey to remember who you are and your purpose!!

Candace’s Co-Authors: Allan Pollett, Amna Malik, Ana Marie Gonzales Agojo, Barbara Finlay, Charise Morris, Janine Berridge-Paul, Laurentino Uscanga, Lisa Berry, Lori Canles-De Pala, Michelle Carter, Regina Neal, Rose Nixon, Tina Gaisin, Veronica Hislop

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Compiled by Brian Calhoun

Published: April 2017

H A L O: Lighting Up Heaven on Earth is a collection of stories written by an International Group of Heart and Service Centered Co-authors. We aim to connect with your heart to bless, inspire, uplift, empower, heal, and enlighten you with stories on Health, Abundance, Love, and more. It is our hope that by sharing our stories that the Soul Light within you awakens, expands, and radiates outwardly to touch the heart of all you encounter in beautiful ways. You were guided to this book by your Spiritual Support Crew. Within these pages, you will find wisdom, answers, and guidance to assist you in improving the quality of your everyday experiences. We thank you for following your divine guidance while helping to Light up Heaven on Earth.

Brian Calhoun is a Heart-Centred International Psychic-Medium who has dedicated his life to bringing high spiritual truths and messages of loving light for the purposes of healing & enlightenment to the world for over fifteen years. He is a Reiki Master, ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, Certified Personal Trainer, Chef, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, and International Best-Selling Author. He has released Guided Meditation CDs, published articles, contributed to books, and been a repeat guest on International Radio and Local Television.

Brian’s Co-Authors: Angie Carter, Bonnie Scarborough, Brenda Rachel, Cheryl Sinfield, Fiona Louise, Georgie Deyn, Ivana Risianova, Jamieson Wolf, Jennifer Dahl-Kowalski, Julie L. Dudley, Kelly Gregory, Kimberly Hutt, Louise Lajeunesse, Maggie Power, Manpreet Komal, Marie-Hélène Fortin, Melisa Archer, Menna Glyn Andrews, Michelle Evans, Michelle Mayer, Michelle Scarborough, Natalie Bélair, Nicole Black, Quin Van Hagen, Regina Wright, Robert Hickinbotham, Robyn Dewar, Sharon Hickinbotham, Tracey Nguyen, Valerie Cameron, Vonne Solis

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Guided By The Light

Compiled by Jewels Rafter

Published: May 2017

As a professional clairvoyant and medium, Jewels has always been directed by her Angelic guides. She has felt their beautiful light, experienced their unconditional love, and heard their uplifting messages which allowed her to help others find guidance and support. Fortunately, these Angelic beings are not exclusive to only intuitive people like Jewels! They are accessible to everyone and anyone who asks for their help and guidance. “Guided by the Light – Following Your Angelic Guides” looks into the blessed energy that surrounds Angels, how they have touched us all in many ways, and how you can connect with your Angelic Guides…

Jewels Rafter is a Best-Selling Author, International Clairvoyant, Medium, Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, and Radio Host who has been living her passion for over fifteen years. She specializes in Clairvoyant & Intuitive Readings, Mediumship, Angelic Readings, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Life Coaching, and Spiritual Counseling. Being the owner and CEO of Harmony Radio, as well as her own company – Ohm Readings & Therapies, Jewels presents others with the opportunity to connect with Spirit and find guidance and clarity along their life journey. She provides people with the necessary tools to grow spiritually, and move forward along the path of inner enlightenment. She truly believes that when you live in your own light, everything flows

Jewel’s Co-Authors: Anu Shi Asta, Barbara Grace Reynolds, Brian Calhoun, Christine Gilmour, Deb Bergersen, Gabriella Studor, Helen Cline, Jennifer Del Villar, Josée Leduc, Julie Dudley, Kimla Dodds, Erica Johansen, Wendy James, Maureen Sullivan, Michele O’Reggio, Roni Campbell, Tracie Mahan, Tracy Lacroix, Vanessa Krichbaum

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The Depth of Her Soul

Compiled by Monica Kunzekweguta

Published: February 2016

This book will encourage and inspire the broken spirits, Guides… damaged and discouraged souls who feel that life has forgotten them and they may be stuck in a role that they never intended. It will soften the hearts of those that have been hardened. It will confirm that a woman’s beauty is not only her physical appearance and how she carries herself, but it is the confidence within her heart that confirms her wisdom, knowledge, and life skills that are highly valuable and sought after qualities.

Monica Kunzekweguta is a multiple best-selling International Co-Author. She is a Certified Life Coach, International Speaker, and Mastermind facilitator. She is the owner and founder of ACT TO GROW, a life coaching business. Additionally, she built a company called A Woman’s Beauty: the name was inspired by the message in her book. Monica is Project Founder of Inspiration for Kids International, a charity which provides library books to children living in rural Zimbabwe.

Monica’s Co-Authors: Sabinah Adewole, Dora Arabou, Crystal Cathell, Langton Wilsey Chibuwe, Faith Ekperuoh, Tracy Kadungure, Jossine Kaizirwe, Leah Lucas, Emily Mapfuwa, Dorcas Marimo, Godknows Kudzanayi Mashaire, Melody Mbondiah, Debra Mowlem, Joy Mutare, Lynette Mutasa, Thobekile Mutezo, Andrée Nicole, Margareth Nyakambangwe, Ruvarashe Ruzive, Harold Sharara, Zothile Tatenda, Sikumbuzo Thabethe, Jonathan Zhungu

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Ruby Red Shoes

Compiled by Kristine Gravelle-Rystenbil

Published: December 2015

On the Ruby Red Shoes journey, every woman has a special message waiting to be heard by those who are ready for it. Ruby Red Shoes: Empowering Stories on Relationship, Intuition & Purpose is a coming together of heart-centered, inspired, and purpose-driven women to provide gentle guidance and insight to their soul sisters. In sharing of life wisdom through personal stories, each woman has an opportunity to meet a kindred spirit – one who gives her permission to shine and blossom on her journey of becoming the amazing woman she was born to be.

With an extensive job history and experience (25+ years in the public and private sector) in Human Resources, Administration, Communications, Desktop publishing, fine arts, singing, and the healing arts, Kristine Gravelle-Rystenbil knows what it’s like to feel aimless, depressed, and isolated – even if you’re blessed with a positive attitude, an amazing life, and a fantastic career.  As the Owner and CEO of KGR Hand Analysis and The Luv Chick, Kristine helps creative, independent women and professionals to identify what their Life Purpose is, and assist them to harness their power and potential in life, relationships, and business.

Kristine’s Co-Authors: Alicia Marshall, Angela T. Muskat, Brigitte Lord, Candace Hawkshaw, Christy Foster, Dvora Rotenberg, Elizabeth Morelle, Eugenia Rodríguez, Gillian Windsor, Jacqueline Richards, Janine L. Moore, Jennifer Geigel,  Jennifer Rose Watson, Jewels Rafter, Joanne Allaire, Lianne Tibben, Maria Sowden-Weingarden, Marlyn Farrell, Mélany Pilon, Melinda Høgvard, Moira Hutchison, Oona Liz Nunez, , Rachel Leduc, Sophia Zoe, Susan Kern, Suzie Hollihan, Tammy Roggie, Vanessa Krichbaum, Yara El Helou

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Compiled by Anita Sechesky

Published: October 2014

CAUTION: This book will cause you to attract more love into your world! Learn about the three aspects: Love For Self, Love For Others, Love For The Greater Good. We all need love. When applied liberally in all areas of our lives, things begin to shift. Our perspectives change. Things that were once hopeless now become achievable. Relationships heal. Our lives interact and our love crosses many borders. Let your life receive Love as you give it away to those around you.

Anita Sechesky – President of Brampton Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Founder, CEO & Publisher of LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE – a division of Anita Sechesky – Living Without Limitations Inc. She is an RN, CPC, Book Writing Mentor, #1 Best-Selling Author, Conference Host, Keynote Speaker, as well as a Law of Attraction Practitioner. Her company successfully branded 353 International Best-Selling authors in the last four years. As a publisher, Anita coaches, mentors, and provides marketing support for her clients. Inspirational solo author books and LWL KIDz are the newest divisions of her company. LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE clients have access to writing support, media marketing tools and a promotional book trailer video to further promote them forever as a published author.

Anita’s Co-Authors: Barbara A. Scott, Barbara Jasper, Catherine M. White, Cathy Hansen, Cheryl Ginnings, Courtney Walters, Darla Ouellette, Elizabeth Ann Pennington, Eugema Ings, Halyna Chevpilo, Janel Simpson, Jennifer Lyall, Jeremy Rogers, Jey Jeyakanthan, Keith Milne, Lauren Millman, Monica Kunzekweguta, Olive Walters, Rebecca David, Tim Rahija, W.A. Read Knox