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“My company, LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE, was created and developed to honour my late daughter, Jasmine Rose, who would be nineteen years of age this year. The dreams that can never be lived through her because she’s no longer part of this physical world have been infused into every intention and facet of my publishing house.

Many times we go through life trying to keep dreams alive from those old promises we had made to ourselves or those who have transitioned before us. The outcome is usually a life lived in continual regret because we have stretched ourselves and the inspiration is no longer present to keep those dreams alive.

As an overly high achiever who feels that my late daughter Jasmine Rose would have not only walked in my footsteps but surpassed them in every stride she took because I would have been there to encourage it, I strongly believe that despite the challenges that every entrepreneur faces at one time or another, I would vow to keep my motherly dreams for her alive by infusing the energy into helping others realize their own potential to share their inspiration and vision into a world that desperately needs the wisdom through their books, with my guidance and support. Thank you for believing in yourself and taking the first step by connecting with me at LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE to help you do so.

I look forward to working with you.”

Anita Sechesky

Founder, CEO & Publisher at LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE.


Living Without Limitations in Print


As the CEO, Founder and Publisher of LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE, Anita Sechesky has supported and mentored her clients successfully and would love to help you also become a Best-Selling author.

One of the foundations of her company has been Anthologies. The multi-author books provide a platform for individuals who contribute at least one chapter, supporting the vision of the book they are collaborating in. By doing so, these co-authors are provided the opportunity to self-generate their own book sales as contributors. She has managed, coached, organized, and published several groups of international Best-Selling co-authors, in the last four to five years, and has now published eleven anthologies, four of which are in the #Hashtag series, and two original titles (Living Without Limitations – 30 Mentors To Rock Your World and Living Without Limitations – 30 Stories To Heal Your World) that she compiled and branded her company vision under. That’s 386 people from around the world who are now recognized as leaders and experts among their peers!

Now, Anita’s question to you is: “Do you have a vision for a beautiful book of your own? Do you want to inspire, motivate, and encourage others? Do you feel you can help others to live a life without limiting beliefs? Have you gone through something that is incredible and know that many people need to hear your story?” Anita would be honoured to guide and coach you into compiling and writing your own life-changing anthology if you are a visionary that believes in yourself, but just need that professional guidance to pull it all together. What are you waiting for? Contact her to discuss what your next steps would be to become one of LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE’s Newest International VIP Compilers.

Plus, Anita’s company is offering incredible single author packages as well as Children’s book authors opportunities through LWL KIDz. Our books are listed within the categories of self-help, faith, and positive psychology.

We would love to help you organize and manage your book project as it is also considered an entrepreneurial step to building your business through your book.

Anita has learned so much about people and what makes them inspired and motivated from twelve years of specialized experience as a Registered Nurse, as well as her extensive training to become a Certified Life Coach, Master NLPP, Law of Attraction Practitioner, LWL Conference / Workshop host and trainer, and of course Best-Seller Publisher.

She understands the frustrations and stress of trying to write your own book. Her professional LWL Support Team wants to assist you in making your dreams and goals a reality as a published author and they want to show you how to do it as quickly as possible. How does a financial BONUS on the day of the book launch sound just for bringing your book to life? Let’s get started. Connect with us and let us mentor you.

Together we will develop a “Master Plan template for your publishing success.” Our goal at LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE is about bringing your vision to life in print.

CEO of Anita Sechesky – Living Without Limitations Inc., Founder and Publisher of LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE.

President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce – Brampton Chapter, Best-Seller Mentor, Book Writing Coach, Registered Nurse, Certified Professional Coach, Master NLPP and LOA Practitioner, multiple International Best-Selling Author, Workshop Facilitator & Trainer, Conference Host, Keynote Speaker.

Join Anita’s Private Facebook group: LIVING WITHOUT LIMITATIONS LIFESTYLE. With over 1100 members, we offer exclusive prizes, co-authoring opportunities, random contests with FREE Publishing possibilities, “Inspired To Write” Webinar classes, and more.

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