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Anita Sechesky is one of Canada’s dynamic business coaches and a Best-Seller Publisher. She’s recognized internationally as a world-class writing mentor and Inspirational Vision coach. Anita has worked with over 200 published authors who have either stepped into one of her anthologies or have become an amazing VIP Compiler working on their own multi-author books. They have all benefited substantially from either working directly or indirectly with Anita as their mentor and Publisher at LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE. Each one of her clients have received unbiased support based on Anita’s vast professional training, experiences, and knowledge in helping to release the authentic voice of each author in crafting their published chapters.
Anita has authored the title Absolutely You! Overcome False Limitations & Reach Your Full Potential and has been the Visionary, Compiler, and main author behind the following Best-Selling Anthologies:
  • Living Without Limitations-30 Mentors to Rock Your World
  • Living Without Limitations-30 Stories to Heal Your World
  • Living Without Limitations-Vision Quest
  • #Love – A New Generation of Hope
  • #Love – A New Generation of Hope Continues… (Revised Edition)
  • #Hope – A New Way of Thinking
  • #Peace – A New Perspective of Hope
  • Shine Like a Diamond – Compelling Stories of Life’s Victories
Anita’s professional background includes over ten years of skilled practice as a Registered Nurse, working in various departments such as Cardiology, Geriatrics, Medical-Surgical, Urology, Respirology, and Nephrology/Renal units across various hospitals and Nursing home facilities in Southern and South-western Ontario. Currently Anita is specialized as a Trauma Nurse and works on a casual basis in Emergency Room practice where all her skills set are utilized.


As a professional Health Care worker, during her routine care Anita has spent many hours communicating and listening to the stories, regrets and inspirations of her patients and their families. This is one of the many beautiful reasons why her company, Anita Sechesky-Living Without Limitations Inc., was first established to help give voice to many individuals who are not living life to their fullest potential. Anita appreciates the opportunity to empower others to experience life to the fullest, as it’s not always an option to do so when providing patient care to those who are facing dire circumstances due to health complications and illnesses. This is also why she pursued her Certified Professional Coaching certification as a highly qualified Life Coach through the International Coaching Federation association. Anita applies the concepts and skills of effective listening and communicating, thereby empowering her clients to discover their own positive voice in the world, whether it’s through writing and establishing themselves in the marketplace or just releasing their purpose driven dream onto print. Eventually LWL PUBLISHING HOUSE was birthed in 2013 and all of our publications have achieved an Amazon Best-Seller status in their rankings on their launch days. Currently, there are several more titles getting ready to be released.


Anita can personally tell you she is no stranger to challenges and discouragement in life. In her books she shares how she faced discrimination at a tender age in grade school and learned to overcome these limiting mindsets imposed on her by others. She understands what it all means when you don’t fit in and when others do NOT want you to fit into their world. According to Anita, this actually means the Universe is blessing you with an opportunity to (F)-Fearlessly (L)-Let (Y)-You…Soar without Limitations!


What are you waiting for? Get your November 12th tickets and see what a powerful shift in perspectives can do for you too! We have an amazing line up of speakers and topics that will equip you to step into your greatest dream yet. We are not your typical business conference we aim to be different on purpose because that’s where authenticity shines the brightest!


Living Without limitations Conferences and workshops will give you what you cannot find anywhere else…


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